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Editorial & Opinion | Gary Rosenblatt

01/15/2014 | | Editor And Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

There was a time when American Jewish families sat shiva when a child married out of the faith. Even two or three decades ago the prevailing attitude was one of disappointment, embarrassment and regret, coupled with a parental commitment to make the best of it and hope the grandchildren would be raised as Jews.

01/08/2014 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

Natan Sharansky, the iconic hero of the Soviet Jewry movement and chairman of the executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, this week characterized the Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s questioning of Rabbi Avi Weiss’s rabbinic credentials as “absurd.”

12/31/2013 | | Editor And Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

At the outset of this new year, I’m reminded of the line from “All About Eve,” the classic 1950 film about ambition and betrayal on Broadway: “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

12/24/2013 | | Editor And Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

Did you know that Israel is the first country to ban underweight models? A recent law prohibits the use of ultra-skinny young women and of altering images in photos and ads.

12/18/2013 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

On Passover we ask The Four Questions. At year’s end here are four lessons I learned (among many) from events over the last 12 months.

12/11/2013 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

In what appears to be a major breakthrough in the long, tortuous effort to solve the problem of agunot, or "chained wives," an international religious court is in formation, headed by a highly respected Orthodox rabbi, with the goal of freeing women trapped in broken marriages.