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04/20/2010 | Editorial

Last weekend’s New York Times report on a secret memo by Defense Secretary Robert Gates warning that the Obama administration needs a better long-term strategy for dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat reflects some disturbing realities.

04/13/2010 | Editorial

Once again, the American Jewish Committee’s Annual Survey of Jewish Public Opinion, released last week, reflects a mature, politically stable community that doesn’t flit from position to position based on the latest headlines — this time, trumpeting (exaggerating?) U.S.-Israel friction.

04/13/2010 | Editorial

A powerful, and we think important, moment played out in Justice Patricia DiMango’s courtroom in Brooklyn Supreme Court this week. It happened at the sentencing Monday of convicted child molester Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Lebovits, who a jury found guilty of eight counts of sexual abuse. The well-known owner of a travel agency in Borough Park, over the course of nine months in 2004-2005, lured a 16-year-old boy into his car and performed sex acts on him. In an emotional statement read in court, the father of the victim spoke heartbreakingly about what his son, now 22, went through.

04/07/2010 | Editorial

 What is there to say about a Catholic Church that has been engaged in dialogue with American Jewish groups for decades yet, in recent months, seems shamefully unaware of Jewish sensitivities – or shamefully indifferent?

04/07/2010 | Editorial

Talking about energy independence is easy on the campaign trail, but difficult for Washington policymakers, who must balance conflicting priorities in an environment in which there are no perfect solutions.

That’s the dilemma the Obama administration faces as it recalibrates the nation’s energy and environmental policies. Among the shifts announced this week are toughened fuel-efficiency standards and expanded offshore oil and gas exploration that may open up vast tracts to drilling.

04/01/2010 | Editorial

The latest reports of the still-widening sex abuse scandal among priests in the Catholic Church are leading closer to Pope Benedict XVI himself, an almost unimaginable predicament for the Vatican.