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07/06/2010 | Editorial

Critics of Israel’s Gaza blockade are too quick to ignore the harsh realities leaders in Jerusalem face in dealing with a Hamas government that has turned Gaza into a launching pad for new terrorist attacks — and which continues to hold kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

06/30/2010 | Editorial

Firearms are not the inherent evil that some gun control advocates claim, but as New Yorkers we have a common-sense understanding that the easy availability of everything from pistols to assault rifles is part of the fear and insecurity that we live with on a daily basis.

06/30/2010 | Editorial

 If all goes according to plan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will call on President Barack Obama at the White House next week for a visit postponed after Israel’s interdiction of the Gaza flotilla in June. All signs point to a continuation of the kiss-and-make-up efforts by two leaders who understand that public friction between the close allies serves the interest of neither.

06/22/2010 | Editorial

Last week’s column by Gary Rosenblatt, reflecting on the Baruch Lanner case a decade after the scandal became public, is but one chapter in the story of calling attention to rabbinic sexual abuse.

06/22/2010 | Editorial

Recent events involving Israel have underlined a fault line running through the Jewish people.

On one side are those who say that the international critique of Israel is nothing more than pathological anti-Semitism, so there’s no point in Israel responding to a no-win situation with anything other than a militant defiance, including a harsh blockade.

06/15/2010 | Editorial

There’s something deeply offensive about advocates of Middle East peace whose actions seem almost designed to inflame tensions and undercut serious efforts to find fair, practical solutions.