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12/18/2013 | Editorial

The insidious BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against Israel made new inroads this week, from an American organization of university professors and a campus Hillel group. Neither action, in and of itself, is more than a symbolic annoyance. But together they underscore the growing effort of those who seek to delegitimize the Jewish state, chipping away at its very right to exist.

12/11/2013 | Editorial

In the nearly three decades that Nelson Mandela was a prisoner of South Africa’s apartheid regime, his reputation was clear — depending on which side of the nation’s black-white divide one stood.

12/04/2013 | Editorial

The Wall Street community “may be a punching bag for the media at times,” noted Robert Kapito, the president of BlackRock and chair of the annual UJA-Federation of New York Wall Street Dinner, held here Monday evening. But that community is a leader in philanthropy, he asserted, noting that this year’s event, the granddaddy of UJA-Federation fundraisers, was the largest ever, with more than 1,700 attendees, and raising more than $26 million for the 2014 annual campaign.

12/04/2013 | Editorial

A milestone for Israel, long overdue, was achieved this week when the Jewish state was invited to become a member of the Western European and Others Group (WEOG) at the United Nations in Geneva.

11/27/2013 | Editorial

Approaching this holiday weekend, as we ponder the next steps in the troubled U.S.-Israel relationship, we’re reminded of the story of the hen and the turkey checking the farmer’s menu the night before Thanksgiving. It called for a grand luncheon the next day of “scrambled eggs followed by the traditional festive meal.” Sadly, the turkey turned to the hen and said, “From you he wants a contribution; from me he wants a total commitment.”

11/20/2013 | Editorial

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complains about the “exceedingly bad deal” on the table in Geneva with Iran, U.S. officials, most notably Secretary of State John Kerry, have suggested that the Israeli leader has his facts wrong.