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11/24/2015 - 19:00 | Editorial

The announcement this week that Iran has sentenced Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian to prison — for an unannounced period of time and after he already has spent the last 16 months in jail — is another blunt indication of Tehran’s thumbing its nose at the U.S.

11/24/2015 - 19:00 | Editorial

As the political debate here and abroad swirls around immigration policy at a time of empathy and fear, both our Jewish and American traditions remind us anew of our responsibility to care for the stranger, the “other.”

11/17/2015 - 19:00 | Editorial

The flags have been lowered to half-mast. The flowers pile up at the site of the killings. Vigils are held, tears are shed, and political leaders, shocked and angry, speak out against the violence and pledge war against the enemy.

11/10/2015 - 19:00 | Editorial

One of the last links to the years of Israel’s birth and the era of the country’s first peace treaty with an Arab nation died this week.

11/03/2015 - 19:00 | Editorial

We at The Jewish Week should know by now not to try to predict what participants at our annual retreat, The Conversation, will choose to focus on when they get together for frank, off-the-record discussions each fall.

11/03/2015 - 19:00 | Editorial

For the third time in the last five years, the Rabbinical Council of America, the largest U.S. group of Orthodox rabbis, has come out with a ban on women’s ordination.