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09/10/2015 | Editorial

New York State requires yeshivas to provide a secular education to their students that is “substantially equivalent” to what public schools offer. The fact that the law has been neglected for decades is no surprise, but it is a disgrace. 

09/02/2015 | Editorial

Is there an alternative to the choice between a flawed but potentially effective Iran deal and another military confrontation in the Mideast? Some very thoughtful voices are saying there is. 

08/26/2015 | Editorial

A noteworthy and laudable statement was signed and made public in recent days by more than 100 charedi rabbis, asserting that Jewish law calls for reporting child abuse to civil authorities.

08/26/2015 | Editorial

‘What would Howard Beale say?”

The thought crosses our minds almost daily in reflecting on an American presidential primary season whose air of discontent conjures up the fictional news anchor in the 1976 Academy Award-winning film “Network.” It was Howard Beale, portrayed by the late Peter Finch, who captured the frustration of the nation in yelling repeatedly on air, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

08/12/2015 | Editorial

Calls are growing louder for Poland to adopt a process to resolve private property restitution claims of families — mostly non-Jewish — whose property was confiscated by the Nazis and/or later nationalized by the Communists. (See story on page 1.)

08/12/2015 | Editorial

The seemingly growing gap between Israel and Jews in the diaspora threatened to widen even more last week when a major participant in an effort designed to improve the relationship withdrew from the project.