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10/11/2011 | Editorial

Despite ongoing efforts by Israel’s enemies to delegitimize the state, and brand it as racist and apartheid, the fact is that one of the most effective tools for the pro-Israel community is to simply bring people to the Jewish state to let them see it for themselves. The great majority of visitors come back impressed with how a tiny democracy can thrive in a hostile region and how robust Israeli life is, from the sophisticated sidewalk cafés of Tel Aviv to the spiritual aura of Jerusalem’s ancient holy sites.

10/11/2011 | Editorial

Sukkot is a holiday beloved for its sense of openness and beauty, to be able to sit within and yet feel a part of all outdoors, seeing the moon through the roof, feeling the weather through the walls.

And yet, Sukkot has somehow developed into a holiday whose economics are the least transparent of any holy day of the year.

10/04/2011 | Editorial

The college campus, in its ideal, is revered as a place where the free exchange of ideas is not only exalted but protected. In recent decades that ideal has been sorely tested, perhaps no more so than in the realm of discussions about Israel, both inside and outside the classroom.

Discussions? If only it were that. Disruptions are increasingly likely when pro-Palestinian activists seek to silence speakers who are supportive of Israel.

10/04/2011 | Editorial

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was quite right to observe this week that Israel is becoming increasingly isolated in the Mideast. What’s unnerving, though, is to suggest, as he did, that Jerusalem is at fault for this situation.

“Real security can only be achieved by both a strong diplomatic effort as well as a strong effort to project your military strength,” Panetta said en route to the region for the umpteenth U.S. effort to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

09/27/2011 | Editorial

Dear Friends,

On the cusp of the Jewish New Year, we offer this update on the state of The Jewish Week, with news of exciting plans and a request for your help so that we can continue to provide you with high-quality journalism, and more.

We appreciate your support and note with gratitude that as the largest Jewish newspaper in the U.S., we plan to continue to inform, entertain and at times provoke you for many years to come with our award-winning work.

09/20/2011 | Editorial

Few things are as satisfying or as much fun as a passionate conversation full of disagreement and dispute, be it at a Shabbat table or on an inner-city stoop. This has been a great Jewish sport through the years. A game of chess in Washington Square Park, or tea in a Lower East Side cafeteria, were often accompanied by passionate debates about everything from the Hitler-Stalin pact to the Ladies Garment union, along with colorful and heated Yiddish insults, now sanitized by nostalgia. Cleverness was once valued more than civility.