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Obama, Romney And The Jewish Divide
Tue, 10/02/2012 - 20:00

On the eve of the first of three presidential debates, “American Jews are likely to vote to re-elect President [Barack] Obama by a margin of better than two to one over Gov. Mitt Romney.” That’s the finding of an American Jewish Committee national survey, which like it or not should come as no surprise.

Jews in this country have been voting heavily Democrat for the last eight decades in presidential elections, reflecting their liberal views on a wide range of issues. Four years ago, Obama received about 78 percent of the Jewish vote.

The most important issue this year, according to the AJC poll, was the economy, by far, with more than 61 percent listing it No. 1. A distant second was health care (16 percent), followed by abortion (4.7 percent) and U.S.-Israel relations (4.5 percent).

Those statistics might come as a shock to those who list Israel as the most important issue. The political divide in the Jewish community between Orthodox Jews and the rest of American Jewry is reflected in the fact that Orthodox Jews support Romney over Obama by 54 to 40 percent, while Conservative, Reform and “just Jewish” voters favor Obama by between 64 and 68 percent.

Obama is favored by Jewish women 69-19 percent, with concern about abortion legislation a major factor.

Statistics like these are a reminder that our community is facing a serious challenge in terms of remaining unified when, as the recently released New York Jewish Population Study indicated, the divide is getting wider between Orthodox Jews — a growing community — and the rest of American Jews, whose birthrates are in the other direction.

Regardless of the election results, more serious efforts are needed to discuss what will keep us together.

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1. Obama killed the peace process and two state solution by harping on settlements, considering the Kotel as "occupied territory", and thereby radicalizing the Palestinians.
2. He was unconsionably silent during the Iranian civil protests in 2009.
3. His refusal to set any red lines regarding the Iranian nuclear program, while he had no problem setting red lines regarding the Straights of Hormuz and Syria's use of chemical weapons, is leading the US towards war , not away from it....and Israel will pay the price.
4. Obama continues to refuse to pardon Jonathan Pollard, even after former CIA director said it was time to let Pollard go.
5. The Middle East explodes and Obama's reaction is to blame a stupid video. Arab states see the US as weak.
6. In his Cairo speech , he backed the false Palestinian narrative that says the Jews got Israel only to allay the guilt of the Europeans for the Holocaust, rather than pointing out the ancient connection of Jews to their ancestral homeland.
In short, Obama is a disaster for everyone.

There a lot of us who have jumped to the Right. We tend to read a lot and not listen to biased TV. We see the corruption in Obama's administration (Fast & Furious--read the book by Katie Pavlich. We are disgusted by the Obama's administrations total disregard for the safety of our ambassador in Libya and saying it was due to a stupid youtube video! ) Look at his appointees! (look up Salam Al-Marayati in the recent Jewish article titled: Anti-Israel Pro Hamas leader is US delegate to Warsaw Human Rights conference) We (Jews Republicans) aren't the selfish meanies you think we are and feel we have "Jewish values", and see little worth in dragging the USA into socialism policies which have bankrupted other nations. Do you know that doctors are already being compensated almost 30% less via medicare due to Obamacare's 700B cuts to medicare spending, and more and more doctors may not take medicare patients as time goes on? Just because Obamacare promises some good things, there are plenty of negative aspects to it!!! Just cause you always have been a Democrat, doesn't mean you should continue with a corrupt administration. For starters, read
(P.S.- If you don't care about Israel, then why do include it in your prayers? Isn't that hypocritical) Also for those of you who are worried about abortion, check out I think abortion is very low on his list of priorities, though I feel that many healthy women who have abortions could do a mitzvah for someone else and inconvenience themselves for 9 months and put the baby up for adoption. When I pull the lever for Romney, I will be able to look at myself in the mirror and know I made the rational & moral decision.

There are many of us with good Jewish values who pray for Israel and who support Obama. As doctors, we do not believe Obamacare went far enough. We are not sanctimonious enough to judge your decision or to think there is one rational or moral choice. We are Jewish Americans, we love Israel, and we will vote for Obama.