2015 Gala Dinner
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04/29/2015 | Editorial

Our hearts go out to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

When natural disaster strikes people virtually anywhere in the world, among the first responders are representatives of the Jewish people. Led by the Jewish state. Over the years, Israel has reached out to countries in need whose citizens are Christian, Muslim, Shinto, or as in the case of last week’s disaster centered in Nepal, Hindu and Buddhist. (See story on page 27.)

04/22/2015 | Editorial

On April 24, nine days after the Jewish community has commemorated its losses during the Holocaust on Yom HaShoah, another ethnic-religious minority marks its own searing 20th-century tragedy.

04/15/2015 | Editorial

There was welcome news from Washington on Tuesday with word of leading Republican and Democrat senators agreeing unanimously on legislation — a rarity — that would give Congress a say in the Iran nuclear agreement being negotiated by six world powers, including the U.S.

04/15/2015 | Editorial

Just before the conclusion of the traditional Jewish marriage ceremony, the groom crushes a glass with his foot, commemorating the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem two millennia ago. The rabbis instruct that even when we are most joyful we pause to remember the sadness we have endured. A moment later, the wedding ends with shouts of “mazel tov!” to mark the newlyweds’ first moments together.

04/08/2015 | Editorial

Last week at the seders we asked The Four Questions. This week, in the wake of the framework agreement between the Western powers and Iran, Israel has submitted 10 questions to the U.S.-led negotiators that point out the dangers and gaps in the deal as it now stands.

04/01/2015 | Editorial

Wherever Jews live, they will be sitting down on Friday night to recall and commemorate their collective past as slaves in ancient Egypt. In the diaspora, we will hold a second seder, again making a spiritual connection to a history that began, as the rabbis emphasize, in the disgrace of servitude and beatings and infanticide, and ended in the triumph of exodus and redemption.