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01/15/2014 | Editorial

Reactions from Tehran and Washington to the interim agreement reached between Iran and the U.S. and its major allies tell a tale about which party is confident and which is not about going forward.

01/08/2014 | Editorial

Our prayers go out to the family of Menachem Stark, the 39-year-old chasidic real estate developer and father of eightwho was brutally kidnapped and murdered late last week.

01/08/2014 | Editorial

“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

That line from an old ballad, cited by U.S. military hero Gen. Douglas MacArthur in his farewell address to Congress in 1951, could well be applied to Ariel Sharon. The larger-than-life Israeli general, statesman and prime minister, who began his long, slow fade from the public conscience eight years ago, will be remembered as a man who made history, both in war and in politics. Praised or reviled, he was a commanding presence, a leader who usually got his way.

12/31/2013 | Editorial

Another year’s end, another plea for the release of Jonathan Pollard, the civilian intelligence analyst for the Navy who pleaded guilty in 1987 to passing classified information to Israel. But this time it’s different.

12/31/2013 | Editorial

The sad story of Rabbi Moti Elon took another troubling twist last week. The once highly popular rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat HaKotel in Jerusalem, whose Torah teachings on radio and television attracted wide audiences beyond the Orthodox community, was sentenced by a local district court on two counts of indecent assault by force against a minor.

12/24/2013 | Editorial

British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis made history this week, at least in the world of Limmud, when he became the first person in his post to attend and address Limmud UK, the granddaddy event of the international enterprise that fosters cross-denominational study of Jewish texts and a celebration of Jewish life.