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05/11/2016 - 09:15 | Editorial

Amidst the fallout over the remarkably blunt and candid interview President Obama’s key foreign policy expert gave to The New York Times Magazine this weekend, in which he spoke with pride of manipulating the media and referred to the foreign policy establishment as “the Blob,” there is the emerging picture of an administration that deceived us about the Iran nuclear deal, led by a president who may never have intended to prevent Tehran from having a nuclear weapon.

05/11/2016 - 09:11 | Editorial

Ernst (Ernie) Michel’s life embodied the tragedy and triumph of the Jewish people in the 20th century.

05/04/2016 - 09:52 | Editorial


It doesn’t sound threatening. In fact, it sounds kind of technical, and boring, and it’s an awkward word to write on a protest placard. But intersectionality has become a buzzword on college campuses, representing a new form of prejudice toward Jewish students. It is a concept used in critical theories, referring to ways that various forms of oppression are interconnected and can’t be separated from each other. The practical result in our context today is that if a person opposes racism or sexism, he or she must oppose the oppression of the Palestinians at the hand of Israel.

04/27/2016 - 09:33 | Editorial

On a soundstage in Los Angeles, an 82-year-old native of Romania who lost most of her family to the Third Reich and came out of Auschwitz alive, sits in front of a bank of bright lights and video cameras discussing her experiences in the Holocaust.

04/20/2016 - 08:57 | Editorial

On the eve of Passover, there have been ominous signs that terror attacks on Israel could be increasing, and becoming more sophisticated again — beyond the “lone attacker” types that have resulted in 30 deaths and kept Israelis on edge for more than six months. (See story on page 36.)

04/20/2016 - 08:56 | Editorial

Well, now we know why Bernie Sanders chose not to address the AIPAC policy conference in Washington last month. His views on Israel and the Mideast conflict would have made him the target of the large, vocal audience, passionately supportive of Jerusalem.