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10/22/2014 | Editorial

One month away from the Nov. 24 deadline on the talks between the U.S. (and its allies) and Tehran over Iran’s nuclear program, the two sides appear to be far apart and an agreement unlikely. That would be good news, given that the alternative — a deal that has Iran reduce its operational centrifuges but keeps it on the threshold of producing a nuclear bomb — is far worse.

10/15/2014 | Editorial

Frustration over the lack of progress in resolving the Palestinian issue is on display in a variety of forms, most of them deeply troubling for Israel, which is being blamed for the impasse.

10/08/2014 | Editorial

A legendary Jewish figure died this week.

10/08/2014 | | Contributing Editor | Editorial

In Israel and the Jewish world, there are two common reactions to the crisis in Israeli-Palestinian relations. Both are waterlogged, so to speak.

10/08/2014 | Editorial

The Days of Awe may climax on Yom Kippur, but the evening shofar inaugurates a spirited and spiritual Oktoberfest unparalleled in the Jewish year. Immediately after breaking the fast, many started constructing sukkot, not only in backyards but also shoehorned with urban ingenuity into New York alleys and apartment terraces. We’re told that the days leading up to Sukkot are a time when Jewish people are preoccupied with mitzvot, preparing the sukkah, cooking meals, inviting guests, children scissoring and stringing decorations, buying lulavim and etrogim, and then the sweet peace of the holiday itself.

10/08/2014 | Editorial

On the eve of the Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, we reflect on the power of the day and the opportunity for atonement.