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02/11/2015 | Editorial

With the community still grappling with the shocking news that FEGS (Federation Employment and Guidance Service), one of the largest Jewish nonprofits in the country, is going out of business due to a major loss of funds, there is a temptation to connect its demise to the recent troubles of other local Jewish social service agencies.

02/04/2015 | Editorial

Could our news get any worse?

Disappointment and disillusionment seem pervasive. The prime minister of Israel and the president of the United States are engaged in an ugly, ongoing and public personal quarrel with potentially damaging effect on the Washington-Jerusalem relationship. The most powerful and public figure in New York State politics has been forced to step down as Assembly speaker, facing federal corruption charges in a case associated with a number of other Jewish names.

01/28/2015 | Editorial

It’s clear that by agreeing to House Speaker John Boehner’s offer to address a joint session of Congress on March 3, a precedent-breaking move in defiance of the White House, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has made a calculated risk.

01/21/2015 | Editorial

When it comes to international terror, it seems all roads lead to Iran.

Is the rest of the world connecting the deadly dots?

01/14/2015 | Editorial

It is particularly fitting that we commemorate Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, reassuring us that those who make headlines in the name of religious faith need not be terrorists invoking “Allah,” but rather men and women encouraging each of us to follow a moral path in the image of our Creator.

01/07/2015 | Editorial

With a new and serious diplomatic showdown between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in progress — PA President Abbas seeking to charge Israeli leaders with military crimes through the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Israel freezing $147 million in monthly tax revenue payments to the PA — one wonders who’s calling whose bluff and where it will all lead.