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10/26/2010 | Editorial

In recent months we’ve have had critical things to say about a Tea Party movement that’s long on anger yet short on knowledge and analysis. But we also understand where that anger is coming from. We, too, are deeply frustrated by a Congress that seems more interested in partisan bickering than legislating, a befuddled administration that seems unwilling or unable to lead and a gridlocked political system that seems unable to respond to the critical challenges facing our nation and our world.

10/19/2010 | Editorial

On a spring night in 2009, four men whose friendships were forged in prison and later in a Newburgh mosque, drove down to Riverdale, that quiet Bronx neighborhood, with the intention of blowing up two synagogues. That their bombs were fake and Jews didn’t die was the singular doing of the FBI, which infiltrated that Newburgh mosque, kept tabs on the four and arrested the men before their evil — there is no other name for it — could come to its explosive conclusion.

10/19/2010 | Editorial

In the long and sorry history of Mideast peace negotiations, the Palestinians have often flirted with the idea of gaining through unilateral declarations or United Nations action what they couldn't get through negotiations with Israel.

That was a bad idea in the past and it’s a bad idea today; the fact remains that the only route to the two-state solution Palestinian leaders say they support is through direct negotiations, with both sides willing and able to put internal politics aside and make the difficult compromises any settlement will require.

10/12/2010 | Editorial

There was little good news for the Democrats in the new American Jewish Committee Survey of American Jewish Public Opinion, released only weeks before critical congressional midterm elections.

While confidence in President Barack Obama’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations continues to drop after a stormy year in U.S.-Israel relations, the most dramatic decline centered on his handling of the economy, with only 45 percent approving — a drop of 10 point since a similar AJC poll in March.

10/12/2010 | Editorial

Make no mistake, the wording advocated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that would require non-Jewish immigrants to express loyalty to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state before receiving citizenship is more about internal political expediency than ideology. Same goes for the prime minister’s proposal to extend the building moratorium in the West Bank in exchange for a public declaration by the Palestinian Authority recognizing “Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.”

10/05/2010 | Editorial

It’s no secret that Americans are furious about an economy mired in unemployment, a federal deficit that will burden our children and grandchildren, big money lobbying run amok and political paralysis in Washington. This year’s Tea Party insurgency reflects those legitimate concerns.

But history teaches that such movements — leaderless, unstructured and built on a foundation of rage — can turn to scapegoating and vilification, with Jews being a traditional target.