eastern Jerusalem

Illegal Buildings In West Bank Settlement Razed, New Construction Approved

07/28/2015 - 20:00

Jerusalem — Two illegal buildings in a West Bank settlement were demolished amid violent protests, but the Israeli government authorized new housing for the Beit El community.

Israeli Man Killed After Palestinian Drives Car Into Jerusalem Bus Stop

04/15/2015 - 20:00

Jerusalem — A Palestinian man from eastern Jerusalem drove his car into two Israelis waiting at a bus stop, killing one and critically injuring the other.

Israel Freezing Eastern Jerusalem Construction

03/24/2015 - 20:00

Jerusalem — Israel is freezing the construction of 1,500 housing units in an eastern Jerusalem neighborhood.

Shipment Of Weapons Bound For Eastern Jerusalem Intercepted

11/19/2014 - 19:00

Jerusalem — A shipment of knives, swords, fireworks and Tasers bound for eastern Jerusalem was intercepted by Israel Police.

The two shipping containers of weapons addressed to residents of the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, which has a large population of Christian Arabs, was labeled as Christmas decorations. The weapons were hidden among the decorations.

Committee Approves 78 Apartments In Eastern Jerusalem

11/19/2014 - 19:00

Jerusalem — A Jerusalem municipal committee approved the construction of 78 new housing units in eastern Jerusalem.

Plans For Hundreds Of Eastern Jerusalem Apartments Get City Backing

11/03/2014 - 19:00

Jerusalem — A Jerusalem planning committee approved the construction of hundreds of apartments in a Jewish neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem.

U.S. Slams Israel’s Reported Approval Of Eastern Jerusalem Housing Plans

10/27/2014 - 20:00

Jerusalem — The United States condemned the reported approval by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to plan construction of at least 1,000 new housing units in eastern Jerusalem Jewish neighborhoods.

More Jewish Families Move Into Eastern Jerusalem’s Silwan Neighborhood

10/19/2014 - 20:00

Jerusalem — Nine Jewish families moved into the eastern Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Silwan.

Death Of Palestinian Teen Spurs Rising Violence

09/07/2014 - 20:00

Jerusalem — Violence increased in eastern Jerusalem following the death of a Palestinian teenager who was shot a week earlier by Israeli troops during a demonstration.

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