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U.S. Sues Dunkin’ Donuts For Rescinding Sabbath Observer’s Job Offer

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Dunkin’ Donuts, a national franchise that numbers more than two dozen kosher locations among its 10,000 sites, faces federal charges for refusing to hire a prospective employee whose religion forbids him from working in the Sabbath.

Dunkin' Donuts sued for rescinding sabbath observer's job offer. Getty Images

How Lauren Met Michel

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They had been friends for about six years. Lauren Karmely thought she would marry someone like Michel – his name is pronounced the French way. Then she began thinking of marrying him.

Lauren had invited Michel to a Sukkot party, along with other guys, family and lots of girlfriends. They dropped off a friend and were left alone in the car. He suggested a cup of tea at Dunkin Donuts. “It wasn’t a date,” says Lauren. “It was just tea among friends.”

Lauren Karmely and Michel Nematnejad, to be married Nov. 14.
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