Downton Abbey

Devarim At Downton

Like many New Yorkers looking to escape the cold, I settled down the other night with my hottest cuppa tea and delved into the world of Downton Abbey.

A world full of good old English values, a world where the introduction of a modern electric mixing bowl is greeted with alarm—and a world that would likely go into an apoplectic shock at the very thought of peyot and phylacteries.

Robert, Duchess of Yeovil, Mary; "Downton Abbey, Season 4: Part Two." Photo courtesy PBS

Spoiler Alert: No Jews At Downton

When the second season of this BBC period drama about the life and loves of the aristocratic Grantham family ended, we were hoping that the third – to premiere stateside on PBS in less than a month – would boast a dash of yiddishkeit.

Baron Fellowes, middle, needs to brush up his history. Not that he cares what I think. Getty Images

To Daven At Downton?

Staff Writer

Not since the news that Princess Kate Middleton’s mother’s maiden name was “Goldsmith” launched a million Google searches have the masses gotten so excited.

Sorry, “Downton” fans: Lady Cora Grantham, nee Levinson of the Cincinnati Levinsons, is a bit of an anachronism.
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