Seeking Justice For Agunot

As agunah summit nears, a call to resolve crisis of chained women.
06/17/2013 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Earlier this year, Israeli headlines featured R. Cohen, an Orthodox mother of two who had been separated from her husband Shai for 12 years. Shai chose to spend the last six in jail rather than give his wife a get (writ of Jewish divorce) but now wanted his own freedom. He was taken to a religious court to give the get. During a break in proceedings, unshackled, he escaped by jumping through a second-story men’s room window. Roadblocks and helicopter searches yielded nothing. R. Cohen screamed. She had been so close… 

A recent conference convened by the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA). Yeshiva University
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