Dina Weinstein

Micro-Loans In Israel

Several new efforts, including one called Lend For Peace, combat poverty by offering capital and business training.
05/10/2010 - 20:00
Staff Writer

Andrea Kruchik Krell became a believer in microfinance at the tender age of 5.

As a little girl growing up in Uruguay, she once visited a neighborhood grocery shop where a poor boy approached her. “Can you buy me candies?” he asked.

With the little pocket money she had, she bought him a few treats. Instead of thanking her, he asked her to buy him more. She had used up all of her coins, so she said no. He kicked her and ran away.

A microfinance program that has provided nearly $1.2 million in micro-loans  to Bedouin Women living in the Negev.
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