Summer's Favorite Fruit

Ataulfo mangoes make for a scrumptious dessert carpaccio.

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If you’ve never eaten an Ataulfo mango, stop what you’re doing and buy one because you’ve missed something very special. There’s a reason this fruit is also called the “champagne mango.” Its sweet, incredibly luscious flesh is something to celebrate.

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The champagne mango. Ronnie Fein

Earth Day Treats

Bring back childhood with cup o' dirt and ants on a log.

Food & Wine Editor

Today is Earth Day, the annual celebration and honoring of the environment, when we examine the ways in which mankind could help our planet for future generations. As a kid, Earth Day was also about delicious snacks. My favorite ones, which I still eat occasionally, are cup o' dirt (sometimes known as mud pie without the crust) and ants on a log.

Celebrate earth day with ants on a log! Fotolia

Let's Start With Dessert

When dessert means dairy, Shabbat dinner gets shaken up.

Staff Writer

For a pro-substitute counterpoint to this post, read Food & Wine Editor Emma Goss' take on almond milk.

I keep a kosher home and in general, I enjoy it. My husband, male that he is, tries to rationalize kashrut whenever it comes up in conversation by talking about Trichinosis in Ancient Times and all that jazz, but I don't feel the need.

Shabbat candles are law. Chicken is custom! Fotolia
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