death of Ariel Sharon

Gaza Policy Gets Fresh Scrutiny In Wake Of Sharon’s Death

New round of analysis on unilateralism, possible impact on West Bank pullout.

Israel Correspondent
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Tel Aviv — Ariel Sharon was laid to rest this week on an idyllic hilltop named for the red anemone wildflowers that bloom every February across from his ranch in the south, just miles away from the border with Gaza. 

Rockets fired from Gaza head towards southern Israel.

Israel His 'North Star'

Sharon remembered at funeral as friend, leader and general.

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at his public funeral was remembered as a man of courage and strength on the battlefield and in the political arena.

“Sharon was a complex man who lived in complex times in a complex neighborhood,” U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said during the memorial ceremony Monday at the Knesset plaza in Jerusalem.

Mourner pays final respects at the grave of Ariel Sharon in Havat Hashikmim on Jan. 13. Getty Images
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