A Letter To My Dad

Dear Dad:

We are both deaf and we both know no limits.  It is the greatest gift you have given me as my father.  As a young child, I watched you coach a deaf water polo team and a deaf basketball team, collaborate with the early stage technology institutions to help bring the internet and computers to the deaf community, raise funds for the nation’s deaf youth, and co-found the nation’s first and only deaf owned manufacturer of assistive technology products for the deaf and hard of hearing with Mom.

Silent Lessons: Hiking With Israel's Association Of The Deaf

In LOTEM, we guide groups of people with special needs in nature and after a year, I can say wholeheartedly that I have gained experience working with a wide range of populations. 

Tali Nahir

Sign Of The (Inclusive) Times

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Story Includes Video: 

Sixty-three Israeli boys and girls celebrated their Jewish coming-of-age in a unique joint bar/bat mitzvah ceremony in northern Jerusalem one recent Monday morning.

IYIM/Video Eden

Dispatch From The Jewish Deaf Congress

Ever since 1956, when the very first convention took place in New York City, the Jewish Deaf Congress (formerly known as the NCJD – National Congress of Jewish Deaf) long ago earned a cherished place in the hearts of Jewish deaf people in the United States. It is the address where everybody can meet up with former classmates and reminisce about the old days. It is also the place where so many Jewish deaf singles have found their matches – among them, my parents.

Rabbi Yehoshua Soudakoff

Jobs: What People With Disabilities Can Do To Improve Their Prospects

Todd Morrison is an exceptional communicator -- who happens to be deaf. I met Todd through my networking in the deaf community, which I undertake as a recruiter who is committed to giving the best IT opportunities to all job seekers, including people with disabilities.

Todd Morrison

If Only It Were Just TV: Schools For The Deaf Are Closing

On Monday, March 4th, the television show 'Switched at Birth' did something on mainstream TV that had never been done before. It ran an episode in sign language. Some viewers thought at first that the sound on their television was broken.

Marlee Matlin. Getty Images
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