Craig Dershowitz

Craig Dershowitz, 32

The artful Zionist

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An ardent defender of Israel, and an artist, Craig Dershowitz, 32, thought the two could never meet. But that opinion changed when he joined a pro-Israel protest, to counter a pro-Palestinian one in front of UN during last year’s Gaza war. Dershowitz, who says he is very distantly related to Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, carried with him pro-Israel signs with his own artistic drawings.

Graffiti For Israel On Display in New York, Tel Aviv

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Spray-paint stencil artist Sarah Brega recently found inner peace at the unlikeliest of places — a series of Sderot bomb shelters she had decided to spruce up.

“It was really peaceful in Sderot — I picked two or three bomb shelters to decorate,” Brega said. “It was like my dream, to have this empty canvas and do whatever I want with it.”

Sarah Brega’s spray-paint and stencil piece of Herzl, Ben-Gurion and Jabotinsky, hangs in the Eden Gallery in Tel Aviv.
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