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The Golden State Of Kosher Wine

From huge operations to boutique wineries, some gems from California.

Special To The Jewish Week

With all the focus on Israeli wines, it is all too easy to lose sight of the fact that there are fantastic kosher wine wines to be found domestically, especially in California. Indeed, quality kosher wines have been produced in California for over 30 years, and continue to thrive.

Herzog Wine Cellars’ headquarters in Oxnard. Courtesy of Herzog Wine Cellars

Passover Advice From The Morgans

The husband-and-wife team of writers and vintners share some tips, and some recipes.

Special To The Jewish Week

Kosher wine aficionados are probably familiar with the name Jeff Morgan. He started what has become the most successful kosher winery to open in California in the last decade: Covenant Wines. Covenant produces critically acclaimed, top-shelf wines from Napa Valley, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Russian River Chardonnay, and Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc. 

However, many fans of Covenant Wines may not be aware that Jeff, in collaboration with his wife, Jodie, has written seven cookbooks. 

Jeff Morgan in his Covenant Wines vineyards in Napa Valley, CA. Photo courtesy Covenant Wines.
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