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Russian-Jewish Patriarch Here Remembered

Peyrets Goldmacher helped newly arrived émigrés and worked to bridge the disconnect between them and American Jews.

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Peyrets Goldmacher, widely known as the patriarch of the Russian-American Jewish community, died on Jan. 27 of congrestive heart failure, four days before his 92nd birthday.

Peyrets Goldmacher

A Community Pulling Apart?

UJA-Federation faces steep challenge in light of new data.

Editor and Publisher

The new 10-year study of the Jewish population of New York presents a major challenge to UJA-Federation, which commissioned the survey, because the research indicates that our community is moving sharply in two opposite directions: very engaged Jewishly (but not necessarily communally) and decreasingly interested in Jewish life.

Gary Rosenblatt

Roman Shmulenson, Creating a community of disparate émigrés.

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Roman Shmulenson, 34

Part of a Ukrainian-Jewish family that came to the U.S. in 1993, Roman Shmulenson made his first meaningful contact with the Jewish community while studying at a Brooklyn high school the next year. A social worker from the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services who met with émigré teens arranged a scholarship for Shmulenson to visit Israel.

The trip energized his Jewish feelings; today he’s paying his spiritual debt, as a leader of the émigré community.

Roman Shmulenson
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