From Brooklyn With Love

Haredi community rallies around Chattanooga family converting to Judaism.

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Just in time for Shavuot, with its reading of the Book of Ruth about Judaism’s first convert, a modern-day conversion of a Tennessee family of 12 has prompted an outpouring of support from a Brooklyn haredi community.

The McJunkins of Tennessee, former Baptists, all converted to Judaism in a Brooklyn ceremony this week.  Eli Wohl/VIN News

Israel Doesn’t Want Me

A convert -- also a Reform rabbi -- is saddened, but not surprised that Israel is questioning Orthodox conversions.

Special To The Jewish Week
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I read with concern and sadness about some American Jews who want to make aliyah, and whose Orthodox conversions, performed years ago in the U.S., are now being questioned by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate and its Ministry of Interior (“New Convert Snub By Israel Fuels Fresh Anger Here,” Feb. 8).

Rabbi Heidi Hoover
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