Is U.S. pressure on Israeli settlements policy helpful or hurtful?

The left says it will contribute to an active peace process; the right says it undercuts Israel's security. What do you think?  Keep your answers short and civil, please.

It depends

I have some confusion about what the original justification for settlements and their expansion was. Was this land claimed after the war as a part of Israel? Was there any Palestinian title to the land prior to the war? Has the Israeli Supreme Court ruled on the present disposition of this land? The UN calls these territories "occupied". Is this the view of the Israeli government? How divided is the Israeli public with respect to this issue? As a US citizen and supporter of the state of Israel I beleive that a settlement would benefit all parties more than it would damage any one party, and so I am inclined to support the Obama policy as I see very little room for substantive negotiation between the parties if the settlement issue shrinks by the month the one asset-- land-- that is essential to some sort of realistic resolution. Is it true that a majority of Israelis support a tw-state solution to the conflict and have for many years? It would be interesting to know the answer to that.