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Main Number 212-921-7822

Editor and Publisher
Ext. 215
Managing Editor
Ext. 213
Associate Editor
Ext. 212
Web Editor
Ext. 235
Staff Photographer
Ext. 243
Art Director
Ext. 245
Digital Art Director
Ext. 245
Staff Writer
Ext. 240
Deputy Managing Editor
Ext. 244
Staff Writer
Ext. 239
Staff Writer
Ext. 236

Associate Publisher
Richard Waloff
Ext. 217,

Sales Manager
Ruth Rothseid
Ext. 254,

Manhattan Jewish Organizations,
Digital Client Services Manager
Stephanie Leone
Ext. 220,

Manhattan Synagogues,
Bronx, Westchester
Ani Vuolo
Ext. 226,

Manhattan Retail, Real Estate,
Upper West Side
Arlene Bienenfeld
Ext. 209,

Queens, Westchester
Seth Yedwab
Ext. 222,

National, Manhattan Corporate,
Theater, Healthcare
Suzanne Puchalsky
Ext. 228

Long Island
Arielle Sheinwald                    
Ext 219,                                                                     



Controller, Accounts Payable,
Ext. 202
Director of Strategic Projects
Ext. 205
Office Manager       
Ext. 201

Marketing Associate
Karina Clark
Ext. 206
Accounts Receivable
Ext. 203
Cynthia Parker
Ext. 200
Advertising Coordinator
Ext. 255
Digital Art Director
Ext. 246
Graphic Designer
Roberto Diaz
Ext. 246
Internet Publisher
Ext. 245


Subscription Customer Service
Cynthia Parker
Ext. 200