Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Claims Conference Board To Discuss Fraud Behind Closed Doors

06/26/2013 - 20:00
Staff Writer

For the first time since the conviction of all 31 people arrested in connection with the defrauding of $57.3 million from the Claims Conference, the organization’s board will meet July 9 to discuss its next steps – and it has decided to keep the meeting closed to the public.

Despite requests from the New York Jewish Week and the Forward , the board chairman, Julius Berman, said in a statement:

‘Closure’ On Holocaust Claims Fraud

Senior employee of Conference on Claims Against Germany convicted in $57 million scheme; only $5 million recovered to date.
05/16/2013 - 20:00
Staff Writer

A former senior employee of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and two codefendants were convicted last Wednesday in Manhattan federal court of helping defraud the organization out of $57.3 million intended for Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Greg Schneider

Taxing Situation For Survivors

08/13/2012 - 20:00
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For years, without fail, Holocaust survivors in Brooklyn went to their mailboxes and pulled out their monthly, non-taxable reparations checks from the German government.

But last month, they were shocked to see a letter from the German Federal Tax Office providing them with a tax identification number for use in paying taxes on their pensions.

This week, in a quick reversal, German officials are telling survivors who received those letters, “Fuhgedaboutit.”

State Sen. David Storobin: First brought reparations faux pas to German Consulate’s attention.

Fla. Survivors Caught In Cruel Funding Irony

Despite doubling of home care money from Germany, needs going unmet in Broward, other counties.
01/03/2011 - 19:00
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Margate, Fla. — At the age of 87, Molly Gruda spends much of her day sitting in a reclining chair in her den and using a wheelchair to get around. Her primary caregiver is her husband, Sam. He’s 96.

Because she is a Holocaust survivor, Gruda is eligible for German government money, administered through the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, to provide her with a home attendant during the day for 25 hours each week. Her husband is not a survivor and thus not entitled to such help.

Sam Gruda, 96, is the primary caregiver for his Auschwitz survivor wife Molly, who is 87 and ailing. stewart ain

Double Hit On Holocaust Aftermath

Shock of survivor-compensation fraud quickly followed by news of Nazi criminals sheltered in U.S.
11/15/2010 - 19:00
Staff Writer

Seventy years after the start of the Holocaust, “betrayal” was the one word used to describe two Holocaust-related developments last week that had particular resonance with the Jewish community.

First, authorities announced Tuesday that two German Holocaust restitution funds had been ripped off to the tune of $42.5 million over the last 16 years and that 17 people had been arrested — including six insiders at the organization that administered the funds, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

A government report alleges that part of the skull of Dr. Josef Mengele, above, was kept in  the drawer of an OSI director.
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