Time To Break The Dating Rules

Embrace the awkwardness: Communication is at the center of all relationships.

08/03/2015 - 20:00

Let’s talk about dating as it is practiced in some segments of our community, most notably among the Orthodox. #UpperWestSide #WashingtonHeights #QueensCollege #Stern. Are we happy with the current state of dating? Are we happy with The Dating Rules?

What to say? What not to say? Fotolia

The Perils Of TMI

01/17/2011 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Some years ago, I wrote a book about marriage, and the theme I heard again and again from people I interviewed was the importance of communication. “Communication” was the buzz word of the times. In contrast, if there’s anything we have plenty of these days, it is communication. People are on their cell phones and iPads constantly — talking, texting, e-mailing or connecting through social networks.

Long Distance Bar Mitzvah

Many Jewish day schools are taking good advantage of technology these days. I was very impressed when I heard about how one Jewish day school in Detroit -- Hillel Day School -- made it possible for a family to celebrate a bar mitzvah together even though one cousin was in Mongolia.

Bar Mitzvah in Detroit Reaches Mongolia

Shabbat Unplugged

-This morning at the JCC, I was hurriedly checking my email on my phone when an elderly gentleman came up to me and asked what I do with that "thing" on Shabbos.

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