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    I would add that there's been a significant intra-Europe aliyah happening--from just about everywhere to London. Our community here includes Spaniards, French, Germans, Hungarians (more than just my wife!), and others, many of whom have only arrived in London in the last 5-7 years. By far the biggest group is the French. I was at a communal shabbos dinner in Central London last year with about 180 people--roughly 160 were recent French arrivals.

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    negative image???? I like to buy one..... people wake up!!!! please

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    I agree totally with this column, except may be it should have been more crtical.

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    It seems to me that in many communities the mikvah is and has been run by women. why wouldn't women take the initiative and run the mikvahs? But I don't think that having a woman running the mikvah is as important as making sure there are checks in place to ensure this does not happen. BTW what will everyone say in a case where a camera is found in a mikvah and a woman is the one who put it there? It is possible that it could happen. Its not enough to put women in charge. You still need security procedures.

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    Harsh. very. were it not, it was interesting read. IMVHO, m'vusas al one individuals individual emet aw lo, the criticism is inexplicably harsh. Nice to be unique and make a point. chaval. But the author's name may stand out for some, for future reads, or not. or hahefech.