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    "But that connection didn’t stop Wieder from winning a seat on the Rockland County Legislature, which he’s held since 2011."

    The tactic Wieder's campaign used was not to advertise that he was running.if ERCSD people knew he was running, they would have come out in droves. He used that tactic to attain the Legislative seat. Glad he lost. Sorry he still holds public office. He is the architect of destruction of ERCSD.

  • Reply to: This American Life Takes On East Ramapo School Kerfuffle   2 hours 50 min ago

    If this story only covered the "budget", then it is only half the story. How was the money "actually" spent? Did anyone look at the books to see if computers purchased for a school are even there? Whether work billed for was ever done? If the school board wouldn't speak freely with the reporter do you think they would let him look at the actual books?

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    Okay "Pearl," what would you have done differently if you had won your election bid? Do you think you could have somehow convinced the private school community to vote for multiple 25% tax increases? You haven't exactly built up a well of goodwill with the Saturday walking crowd. Or would you have tried to balance the budget by cutting bussing, textbooks, and special ed services to private schools? It wouldn't have worked - everyone knows the main expenses are pensions and union contract salary increases. Besides, textbooks, bussing and special ed services for private schools are all mandated. Cutting them would have landed ERCSD in just as much trouble with State Ed, and in just as many lawsuits, as it finds itself now - if not more. Or maybe you would have filed your own lawsuit against the State?

    For what its worth, I don't expect any substantive response. You don't have one. You aren't really interested in school funding policy or the special ed laws. At least, not anymore. All you care about at this point is perpetuating your petty turf war with the Orthodox. ERCSD will only be better off when a new generation finally takes over on both sides; one which is not blinded like you by decades of hurt feelings and anger (however justified they may be).

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    No....they spent down the reserves to a negative 3 million dollars. They were bankrupt. Other districts saved their reserves. This was derelict behavior if the BOE. They were warned and they ignored that warning.

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    The budgets were defeated because the bloc was told to GOTV vote no on the budgets and elect bloc candidates. Then, once the seats were won, the same or virtually same budget was passed. The Rebbes were pulling the strings of their flocks. Didn't they question why they were told to vote yes the second time around. Nothing more than political manipulation.