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    Fact Check:
    Tzipi Livni's party, Hatnua, did not receive more votes than Binyamin Netanyahu's Likud in the 2013 elections. The Likud had both the highest number of seats and was also deemed to have the greatest chance to form a coalition.
    It seems that Gary is confusing the 2009 results, when Tzipi Livni's Kadima polled 27 seats to Netanyahu's Likud polling 26. That year, because Netanyahu was deemed more likely to form a coalition, he was given the nod - by former President Shimon Peres.

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    When it comes to this nuclear deal, let’s wait until a deal is on the table, at which point everyone can evaluate it,” Obama added. “I will be able to prove it is the best way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take that case to every member of Congress once we have that deal.”
    Fine, put the deal before Congress and let them vote on it. If it is a good deal, it should pass. I actually haven't heard that that is the procedure Obama intends to follow. A lot of people are skeptical of this deal because Obama has the terrible habit of making up his own rules and changing them when he thinks its in his interest.

    Makovsky said that Netanyahu had indeed presented an alternative to the deal now being developed: “Crippling sanctions and a credible military option.”
    “Obama has been against sanctions and said he would veto new sanctions,” he said. “He has also made clear that he does not want Israel to strike [militarily], and he has indicated the U.S. would not. So he has completely undermined our leverage in the talks.”
    Makovsky is right. I knew before Obama ever won the election that he would not stop Iran from acquiring nukes, even though he promised he would. His public statements revealed his true intentions, as did his advisors public statements.

    'Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said he attended the speech and that “members of Congress I met on the way out said it was the best speech they heard in decades.'
    Hoenlein is right. A lot of the Democrats are cry babies. They never gave a memorable speech in their lives. They just give headaches and mind numbing boredom to their audiences.

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    Who is looking after the interests of the little baby boys? No one, apparently.

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    All that 'shilling' --- FISH is turning into JAWS --- IT WILL EAT LARRY DAVID!
    -maybe Larry needs help with his 'improv lines' when talking to the media?? LD! try this: The LOST Episodes: Curb Your Enthusiasm (on AMZN).
    It COULDA been Season 9 of Curb! All mapped out and free....

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    Then find the evidence before it has perished. If true, he risked everything for you and yours, you have the moral responsibility to do the same for him. While he had the protection of the Goering name during the war it was no guarantee that, on a moments notice, the protection would not suffice. He could have decided to enjoy great advantage due to the relationship with his brother, and yet chose not to. That he did not choose to hide behind a change of name after the war infers a man of principle. Many a truth has been uncovered with much less to investigate than a list of 34 avenues of investigation. Maintiens la Droit!