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    Isn't it a shame that all these years later we still haven't mastered the art of human respect? How do you allow someone personal dignity when dignity is a rare breed, behavior is shielded by a race, and authority is can sway from protector to tormentor.

    These regards and permissions were such a simple appointing, until modern society decided to dissect and refine all meanings and context.

    It's a sad time in the history of man where common words and commands are exploited and misinterpreted at will.

    I'm longing for America. Land of the free, home of the brave, born of the will and desire to pursue happiness and protect the innocent. Where has she gone?

  • Reply to: Twelve Topics: Start An Orthodox Conversation About LGBT Jews   3 days 16 hours ago

    I do not have an answer other than I am certain that HE does not need my assistance in determining who causes him to smile with pride and who causes tears and anger. I suspect that more of those tears are generated by those who would denounce a fellow Jew, insult by implication the decency of the parents and partners with HIM in the child's creation, etc., then a life lived honestly even if it is wrong. If it is correct - think how much worse our personal deficiency for an unjust judgement.

  • Reply to: Intermarried Connected Jews Look Like The In-Married   4 days 1 hour ago

    Intermarriage IS the problem. Intermarriage is WRONG WRONG WRONG.
    Don't do it to yourself or to your parents.
    Hashem said your bashert( the person He intends for you to marry, so, especially chosen for you to marry by Him) is a Jewish person, not a goy! Oy! Oy! Oy!
    And if they participate in the Jewish community after intermarriage, then they should convert to Orthodox Judaism.

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    Gay Liberation did not need Debbie Friedman. Gay Lib had Ellen, Harvey Milk, Rita Mae Brown,George Takai, other famous people, and all of us, all the ordinary Gay people who Came Out to families and friends, agitated for years, and agitate still, each in our own way.
    Debbie was sent down here to Earth by God, as a Prophet, in our own day, to contribute to the spiritual renewal of Reform and Secular Jews and others. She did the job, magnificently, God sent her to us to do. Gay folk and others knew she was a Lesbian, but since she was not public about her sexual orientation nor her partner ((who, as an adult, made her own choices about Coming Out about her relationship with Debbie, before and after Debbie's death)) Debbie could use all her talent, her energy, and her time in public to do the Job God sent her to do. As Gay People, we can be proud that Debbie, a wonderful modern Prophet of God, was a Lesbian without criticizing her for not joining all the millions of us in Gay Liberation.
    Our loss, as Jews, is great, but we can rejoice that Debbie Friedman is in Heaven now, close to God, joyfull in her return Home after doing her divine job so well.
    Her memory, for us all, will be a great blessing.

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    Why doesn't the Jewish community do something unique and have an outreach to young Jews? Single Jews? Poor Jews? You know, the forgotten Jews.