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    Ata boy Seymour - Israel is a real bad place - it has free elections which result in Bibi being elected - it has freedom of the press which results in the distribution of a free newspaper ( Yisrael Hayom) - its concept of freedom of expression does not permit flag burning (the US had a similar position for about two hundred years), or members of the legislature to side with the country's enemies who wish to exterminate it. What a terrible place With so called friends like you.........

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    You don't answer the point about Ms Feldman's yellow journalism.
    If one thing is not what it seems, so it throws question marks on the rest of her story. Obviously, Ms. Feldman wrote a lurid tale of woe to embellish her book.

    Well, if this story is totally untrue?
    Obviously, her wild tales about woe don't compute either.
    As much as you obviously have a story yourself, but whitewashing her slander doesn't help the reader to sympathize with whatever your point is. In fact, it seems to put you in her pot.
    All the best,
    Raanan Isseroff

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    The central map of Mitte, Berlin in the Stolen Heart exhibit is amazing -- and you don't have to be a Berlin expert to enjoy it and to learn from it.

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    I have no argument with the notion that the Syrian Civil War has been a major, tragic, painful episode in the history of mankind. The immense suffering cries out to the rest of humanity for aid and comfort. However, this is not an earthquake, a flood, or a random lighting strike. The Syrian Civil War is a 5 1/2 year long, government made screw-up. The US is not the primary offender, but it owns a large share of the overall responsibility. We were unwilling to jump into the water to save the victim. The lifeguard at the beach has a policy to save lives and makes a commitment to swim out to the person drowning. Everyone, now, who insists that we 'have to do something' is wrong! That is, if you voted for Obama, which most of us did. It's like after Hitler murdered 6 million Jews, Americans began saying we have to do something to save Jews. Well, who was the President when the Jews needed him, and what did he do?

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    As an Israeli citizen; as a patriotic of the State of Israel; as a person who dedicated its life for Israel- its rule of law, its democracy, and its being the home land of the Jewish people - I well come very much that article as being exstremly important and encoureging for progressive Jews and Israel 's citizens. Thank you and continue with those voices. We Israelis- need this support.