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  • Reply to: Homophobes Win In Indiana   10 hours 11 min ago

    I'm watching from across the pond with horror. The United States is returning to the Stone Age. Bigotry is winning!

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    David - this is not a philisophical discussion - this is about life and death. I would hope that you would do exactly what the PM did if you thougt the lives of your family were in danger - I woud hope you would do everything in your power to prevent the destruction of your family. That is what the PM did. You should be thankful and praise him and not join the voices of criticism.

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    My father was 1st Lt. James E. Miller. He was Co-pilot and then Pilot in the 483rd BG/817th BS, a member of the Kenneth Quick crew. I've been combing though his artifacts lately and found some hand-written notes regarding his missions. His first mission was flown 11/4/44 to Regensburg, Germany to hit an oil storage depot and he notes: "Flew #6 with Raffel. Disappointed at not seeing flak". Officers typically flew their first few missions with seasoned veterans to get their feet wet and I'm sure this was the case. (It must be noted that he later acknowledges his naiveté at wanting to see flak) Thanks to your Dad for showing mine the ropes. He completed 34 missions without any major issues, came home, raised a family and lived a rich and full life!

  • Reply to: LGBTQ Orthodox Teens, Forging a Derech   15 hours 15 min ago

    A lot of people have weaknesses so desist at the very least. Don't look at those who succumb.
    There is no happiness in engaging in homosexuality,as is seen in real life, so just be celibate .
    One can repair oneself =t'shuva.

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    I think it is very distasteful. Americans are fed up with this scourge. He denounced his US citizenship and should be removed for the country. Since Israel elected a man who thinks war is the only answer, the US should not interfere and let them send their own to die. Stop sending money to people obsessed with murder--i.e. Isreal.