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    Melissa Rauch of the Big Bang Theory is Jewish. How could you guys leave such a babe out of our line up of Jewish hotties??

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    They wrote the passing of Howard's mother into the show in early 2015 after the death of the actress who played her.

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    'In so doing, he was consciously insulting the American President who had been, in many important ways, significantly supportive of Israel and her security concerns.'

    First of all, when Barack Obama came in to office, one of his first efforts and goals was to undermine Netanyahu's popularity within Israel. He appointed George Mitchell as special negotiator for a peace deal between Abbas and Netanyahu whose policies were opposed by Netanyahu. Doug Bloomfield chortled in Jewish Week that Obama was going to address the Israeli people directly and go over Netanyahu's head. Netanyahu was not responsible for the frosty relationship between the two men. Obama's misguided idea that the Palestinians were ready for peace was the problem. Bad U.S. policies don't lead to good friendships. Later, the U.S. government helped fund the election opposition to Netanyahu. This is a diplomatic no-no, but there is no doubt that the U.S. interfered in Israeli domestic elections. I think Netanyu did a great job addressing the U.S. congress. On the world stage, he lost no credibility.

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    Jews (progressives) should be smart enough to realize that when the progressive standing next to you is calling Israel nazi scum, it is time to leave.

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    'Maybe the Trump Tower meeting will help shake loose more of Sheldon's shells.'
    OMG. This guy Bloomfield is as bad as many of the anti-semites who post on the internet. I can't even believe it.