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    What sympathy That is not likely

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    I beg your pardon who are the terrorists why don't Israel stop occupying there land and let them live in freedom what goes around comes around be afraid be very afraid iran is coming for you

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    It's a MOVIE! It's not real. Fools.

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    Mr. Roblatsenblatt

    Suggestion For Future Article

    Thank you for a good analysis.

    This bias is not new for the NY Times. Other "papers of record" around the world are similarly biased, some, eg the Guardian, to a far greater extent.

    But the mother of all bias is without doubt the BBC. Why the mother of all bias? Simply because, with an audience of 200,000,000 (two hundred million) people, every word, nuance, inflection, and most importantly, omission - hits countless targets.
    The very stature of the BBC as the world's foremost broadcaster with its huge publicly funded budget and its perpetual air of authority, lends enormous weight to the false image the BBC has projected relating to Israel. It has done this in part by interspersing snippets of apparently pro-Israel tidbits into its coverage, but always in a way calculated to have far less impact than the main thrust of each item.
    Example: Today's report on the Gaza conflict is devoted almost totally in great detail to the impact of Israel's attacks on the Hamas infrastructure which do not mention Hamas infrastructure but report only on the truly tragic human toll. Only at the very end are added the words: "in response to rocket fire" as if the rocket fire just happened.

    Perhaps in a future article you could respond to those critics around the world and ask these question:
    Are those critics suggesting that if someone wants to attack Israel, all they have to do is place weapons among civilians, fire them and sit back free of any counter-attack?

    Do those international critics consider it a major hardship for Gaza to simply stop firing rockets and totally prevent the human tragedy they are reporting?

    Do these critics understand the meaning of "innocent" when they refer to the Gaza electorate that freely elected by an overwhelming majority a party whose charter they had fully five yeas to read and understand, and whose one and only stated printed, published and broadcast goal is the destruction of Israel and the murder of it's Jewish population.
    True, the children were once innocent, and those who have never been to school or heard their parents preach hatred still are innocent. But their parents are not. They voted for the Hamas tyranny. That is the difficult part of democracy: it places responsibility on the voters - especially if they vote for war.

    Finally, the international, seemingly frustrated reaction to the low (so far zero) human toll from Gaza rockets fired indiscriminately at Israel's population. It is as if Israel must be punished for sixty years of building shelters for every citizen while the population of Gaza must be protected by the global community from the natural consequences of using aid money to buy and fire rockets.

    I look forward to seeing some of these points in your future articles if you find them valid and useful. No attribution necessary.

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    I think this is well-intentioned - most Jews in the diaspora have always been pretty liberal and social minded.
    If this could take place in Israel then that would signify real progress - Israeli jews have moved farther to the right and have many xenophobia problems.
    To the above posters - If there was an equitable solution achieved with the palestinians, most of the arab states would open up diplomatic ties to Israel. With the palestinian situation solved, islamic radical militancy and aggression would die out - palestinians just want to work and buy a house and raise their kids too.
    Israel has also been dealing with the various arab countries, using back alley channels, for decades - it is only the palestinian situation that prevents full relations. If there was open peace and trade between the Israelis and arabs, the middle east would become a dominant hi-tech and manufacturing region in the world. Israeli intelligence and inventiveness combined with arab/muslim energy and man-power, would rival the asian countries in economic growth and power.
    It's time for the children of Abraham to get it together and take charge.