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  • Reply to: Passover’s Call to Action—Escape from the Slavery of Self-Imposed Limitations   21 hours 27 min ago

    This is a REALLY terrific piece. I love the concept- Egypt within. Well done.

  • Reply to: Making Mischief Of The Parade   22 hours 37 min ago

    The Editors of The Jewish Week characterize their endorsement of NY-JCRC's position (vis a vie' its critics) in the context of the spirit of the phrase "No good deed goes unpunished". I think a more accurate aphorism is "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Sadly, given the editors‘ intentional misrepresentation of the nature of the criticism (“notable figures … not to mention a large percentage of Israelis … would be banned from marching by those who proclaim that if you don’t love all of Israel, including the West Bank settlements, you are anti-Israel.") I question your intentions as well. Attempting to demonize those who legitimately criticize NY-JCRC for empowering its enemies does not sit well with me. However, your position certainly is consistent with the disingenuous rationale given by NY-JCRC. They hide behind "Policy Guidelines" that mandate inclusion of Pro-BDS even though "...JCRC-NY has vigorously and persistently opposed and fought against the BDS movement and boycotts against Israel in any form, including boycotts against products from Judea and Samaria…” Sound good except they WROTE THE GUIDELINES THEY HIDE BEHIND! Pathetic!

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    This is not surprising at all. Adherence to religious belief and tradition is waning in general as generations become less and less dependent on ancient mythology. There continues to be no evidence of the existence of a deity and less need to rely on such beliefs to make it through the day. Furthermore, when any sane adult realizes that the holiday of Passover celebrates God's murdering of innocent children it becomes harder to justify this holiday and the Jewish religion as a whole.

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    What the world sees is a Temple Mount controlled solely by Islam, not by a righteous Rabbinate. As long as Jerusalem's police enforce the Muslim Waqf's control of the Mount, Israel feeds a delusion that there is a greater god than haShem and that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Why does Israel not enforce equal rights to the Temple Mount? Partition-off the foundation of the previous Temples & Courtyards and enforce freedom of religion on the Mount.

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    Who wrote the headline: 'Pollard: a trophy for Bibi'? I think it is offensive. Pollard is not a trophy; he shouldn't be thought of as a 'trophy' because he is in no way a prize for Bibi's success - or anyone else's success, for that matter. I don't think anyone knows how Pollard got to this point in time and place, except perhaps G-d. Certainly Pollard made some grievous mistakes, and for those he has paid a very heavy price. I pray that this long, painful chapter in his life will soon end, so he can find some salvation. Clearly, opinions of Pollard vary widely, but casting indignities at a man who has been punished as severely as Jonathan Pollard is vile.