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    I was impressed by the talk by MK Stav Shaffir at J Street's 2015 National Conference. She called for a return to the concept of the equality of all citizens of Israel, and a return to the democratic ideals of the founders of the state of Israel.

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    I'll let readers decide for themselves who is stupid and who isn't, taking you unjustified personal attack into account.

    Anyone who lives in Israel knows how right I am. A few points:

    Charedim refuse to share the burden of national service. I am willing to concede that up to 5% of each year are "iluim" עילואים, or close to it, and have no problem having them remain in Yeshiva to devote their lives to Torah study. I cannot believe that over 80% are iluim who deserve an exemption.

    Most charedim either don't work, or work under the table, and so don't pay taxes, leaving us to support them. They abuse the disproportionate power Israel's proportional representation electoral system gives them to game the system, forcing us to fund their lifestyle and pick up their slack.

    They insist on receiving disproportionate government funding for their educational institutions, in which they refuse to teach English, maths, sciences or any other subject one needs in order to have marketable work skills. We are forced to foot the bill for maintaining their ghetto-like state within a state.

    Despite having minimal earning capabilities, they have mega families (average 6-8 kids) . We secular Israelis would like to have slightly bigger families (3-4 kids instead of our average 2-3 kids), but we don't because we know we can't afford them.

    Most of the yeshivot scam the government, by submitting false records of the number of students studying at each yeshiva, increasing the level of public funds they get.

    Bottom line, the problem is not my alleged lashon hara, but your and the vast majority of the Charedim hilul hashem

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    “I am extremely honored to succeed Dr. Henry Kressel, who has led the Board with extraordinary vision, responsibility and dedication,” Straus said in Y.U.’s statement.

    Responsibility??? More like dereliction of responsibility as, under his "dedicated leadership" YU became financially bankrupt. If this is what Straus sees as leadership, the situation is hopeless.

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    If I am not mistaken, the author was formerly engaged to an acquaintance of mine. She pressured him into dropping out of science and becoming a hedge fund quant analyst. Then, after a long long engagement she dumped him.

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    my brother is pacer ful tell me why at this happen to them