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    its a question of affordablity. the yeshivas and parents cannot afford the price of a good education which includes talmud, hebrew and secular studies. let the DOE fund the secular studies program, and all the yeshivas will improve instantly

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    The Yeshiva community is a very sophisticated political machine, one Tammany Hall would have been envious of for it's ability to bend politicians to their will and so appealing to them is useless.
    The possible Achilleas heel is if the state and or the feds are funding the secular subjects: They have the right to see if they are getting their money''s worth.

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    Congratulations on an AIPAC compliant article.

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    I don't believe there is a correlation between the community poverty rate and the early education system in out communities. It seems that Jaffed is fighting because of some anti frum bias. I have gone to a yeshiva that only taught limudei kodesh (meaning no Math, English, or Science classes at all throughout the entire elementary and high school levels).
    After getting married I decided that I wanted a professional degree. I was 24 years old and I spent a year taking preparatory courses, learning how to write and take exams. I applied to 10 Law schools and was accepted to 9 of them. Though the first year adjusting to secular learning was difficult and it may have reflected in my grades, I graduated in the top half of my class.
    Of our cheder class of about 20 boys, there are 3 attorneys, 5 accountants and 1 doctor. (some successful business people as well)
    Living a frum life is not easy and it is very expensive, early education (or lack there of) is not the reason people are struggling. If Jaffed is really looking to help, let them try to work with the community and respect the way we want to raise our children.

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    The goyim want we should teach filth to our children instead of study Torah. When they come out they are plenty prepared for life in the Jewish community. They should need algebra and evolution science for what?