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  • Reply to: Can Pro-Israel Films Reach Wide Audiences?   9 hours 36 min ago

    I saw Beneath The Helmet last month in Jerusalem, in an audience of almost 500 "gap year" students studying in Israel. It was an eye opening experience , and inspired me to help grow its audiences in North America...... My wife and I are sponsoring a screening at our Sutton Place Synagagoue this Winter, and with the help of 2 very generous friends, they are sponsoring the marketing budget to allow for for a FULL North American theatrical Release and subsequent distribution.

    Jerusalem U has a new and growing library of excellent cinematic content, like "HONOR DIARIES" that also deserve wide dissemination and support as well as well earned critical acclaim.

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    Great CNN video clip from Haiti on Israel's rescue mission, a must see!

  • Reply to: LESLIE NOBLER FARBER, Tale of One City, 2010, artist’s book.   20 hours 41 min ago

    What a beautiful, richly textured and new/old blended piece!

  • Reply to: Riskin Names Female Spiritual Leader In Efrat   23 hours 27 min ago

    In our contemporary Jewish/Israeli society,I presume this mundane act elevates to the status of newsworthy,a " rabbi" who,when teenagers smoke on his lawn on Friday night,he has no problem with that.Efrat,over which he " presides" when he happens to be in town between fundraising jaunts,is an exemplary model of the clip in this week's Torah portion....." ki ayn bayit Asher ayn sham met".....for there is no house In which there is at least one member who is perceived as dead according to traditional,normative,Jewsh standards,So,way to go Rabbi Jesus,smokescreen and all,confer pseudo Semicha on women.Rabbi Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveitchik would be ,oh so proud of you.

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    Obama campaigned for office 6 years ago on the promise that he would not allow Iran to acquire nukes. At the time, I heard many estimates of how long it would take Iran to get the weapon. The longest estimate of time was 5 years. So, here we are after several deadlines have come and gone, and Obama insists he needs more time. Of course, dragging out the negotiations is exactly what Iran's strategy has been all along. Hiding from and denying failures of strategy is childish and doesn't work. What is Obama prepared to do in June if Iran doesn't agree to end it acquisition of nukes?