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    Who wrote that first paragraph? Hiking through the West Bank??? Please correct this for the sake of accuracy and so as not to further anti-Israel media bias. If you want to peddle off a pool news story, don't put a byline with the story.

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    So sad; so true!

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    You said: "But American critics had a pareve response to his effort, which didn't air past the first pilot. According to, it was deemed 'bizarre,' then condemned because it was 'Just. Not. Funny.'"

    It seems you might be unfamiliar with the American television production process. The Greg Daniels pilot never aired in the U.S. (or anywhere, for that matter) because it was never picked up. As far as the "bizarre" and "Just. Not. Funny." comments go...I can't find those anywhere on the site you linked to. The knocks against the Daniels version were that it was too niche -- NBC feared affiliates in markets without significant Jewish populations wouldn't want to carry it -- and some of the supporting casting needed retooling. But it was pretty much universally agreed that Daniels was the best person for the job.

    By relying on the British team -- which has never adapted anything for the U.S. market -- and making some "creative changes," this isn't going to be "Friday Night Dinner." They should have stuck with the Daniels version but sold it to an HBO/Showtime.

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    Being a long-time Presbyterian, this is hardly surprising. Our congregation at St. Andrews Church in Newport Beach, CA. When we firs accepted their offer of $1,800,00, we were ecstatic. However, that changed within a week when St. Mark Presbyterian Church filed a complaint indicating we were not paying enough money. The congregation was incredibly disappointed. The intent was to go with ECO.

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    This is exactly the kind of thinking that makes Jews despair of the PCUSA ever being able to seen reason.

    Israel is "de-legitimizing" itself by defending itself against those who want to destroy it? "Continuing occupation"? You do know that Gaza has not been occupied since 2005, right? And that the blockade was only instituted in 2007 as a result of Hamas attacks and weapons smuggling?

    You also imply that there is something illegitimate about Israel being a Jewish state. I'll wait with bated breath hearing your denunciations of Pakistan as an Islamic state, Saudi Arabia as an Arab state, and most of the Arab nations of the Middle East being thorough Judenrein.

    Israel has not been blameless in the conflict, nor is everything that it has done right. When Israel is wrong, it should be criticized and corrected. But what PCUSA leadership has done is consistently laid the entire burden of responsibility for the conflict on Israel, and turned a blind eye to the existential threat that it faces. It holds Israel to a standard of conduct that is not applied in any way to any of its neighbors, and it sanctions groups (the Israel Palestine Mission Network, source of the "Zionism Unsettled" propaganda to which the article refers) that pump out blatantly anti-Semitic material and statements on a regular basis. Until PCUSA leadership cleans up its act, I have a hard time imagining that any meaningful dialogue is possible.