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    What a shame that what might have been a positive article was marred by the gratuitous phrase " if it were just any business, in full view of the town's population, which could never claim innocence." What, exactly, should unarmed civilians have done? Grabbed their pitchforks and stormed an heavily armed German camp? Mr. Pollack is apparently unaware that for five and a half years of German occupation, Poles on a daily basis were subjected to: humiliation, execution, torture, roundups, public hangings, hundreds of towns and villages burned with the inhabitants barricaded in their homes (often bec. they had sheltered Jews), deportations, requisition of homes, land and businesses to make room for German settlers, slave labor, starvation rations, sexual slavery, kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of "Aryan" looking Polish children to be brought up as Germans, the complete destruction of Warsaw. etc. etc. And never of penny of compensation from the Germans. The Poles could not save three million Polish Christians from the Germans, either, nor two million innocent Polish civilians deported by the Soviets to their gulags. Have some respect!

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    " town’s population, which could never claim innocence." - this phrasing implies that the population of Lublin was somehow, in some strange perverted way, guilty of the crimes of the Germans who established the camp of Mjdanek during the war to persecute and murder Polish, mostly Jewish people. Of course the position of the camp ensured that local people had some knowledge of what was happening there but how can it be suggested that they were not innocent? Please remove this ofensive phrase or change "innocent" to "ignorant".

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    The world needs more people who are like Rachael Fried. Proud to be her mother!

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    That's cool, when will you try three (3) times to overcome your terrible judgmental attitude?

    You can overcome it! Yes it is absolutely true!!!!

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    If someone this naive and clueless is considered a "leader" in the Jewish community, then the community has a problem.