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    Robin Williams was human doesn't matter his religion he was kind to others specially children,loving person,funny with manners anybody can watch him family materials,not like other comedians they think it's funny to use the f word 1000 times,

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    As the article points out, he did a lot for the Jewish community. That is reason enough.

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    "He seemed to be one of us, but — son of an Episcopalian father and Christian Scientist mother — wasn’t really one of us."

    Hmm, that's such a shame isn't it? It's too bad people need to cling to tradition and heritage to find meaning in life. I look forward to the day when the diversity of the individual trumps the divisiveness caused by tribal thinking and cultural, religiouos and ethnic apartheid. That sort of thinking reminds me of the Peter Gabriel song, "Not One of Us", some simple but great lyrics to a great song.
    "Tradition and heritage ... it's dead people's baggage. Quit carrying it" -comedian Doug Stanhope

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    use drones in populated areas instead of artillery shells, go after Hamas members not their direct or indirect family; in other words only smart weapons in populated areas. And above all seek maximum funding for iron dome and methods to detect tunnels.
    The next steps would be to "give" something to the Palestinian population to develop the economy while eliminating all forms of Hamas weapon capability.
    Here is a wild idea; hire Israeli companies to rebuild Gaza; they get new homes infrastructure, security is assured and Israeli companies make some more money

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    Cheering by either side of another's pain is very sick. It harms all involved.