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  • Reply to: Jewish Groups Applaud Pro-Choice Supreme Court Ruling   9 hours 9 min ago

    I have to question how "Jewish" these Jewish groups are. They certainly don't know anything about Jewish law. According to Jewish law abortion is only permissible when the mother's life is in jeopardy. That being said, there are such vast differences of opinion on the subject however the Jewish, halachic take is well known. I think it best for so-called Jewish groups to refrain from commenting on such matters if they can't live up to their Jewishness in advocating a position.

  • Reply to: 4 Ways The Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Affects Israel   11 hours 3 min ago

    Congratulation's on your by-line!

  • Reply to: With Brexit Vote In, Cameron Quits As Brits Vote In Favor Of Leaving EU   2 days 18 hours ago

    'David Hirsch, a prominent lecturer in sociology at the University of London, called the result a “huge boost to all racist and ethnic nationalist parties across Europe.” Hirsch, who is a Jewish and a dovish supporter of Israel, added on Facebook that “EU collapse is a real risk.'

    Elitists all over the world, always think they are smarter and more moral than the average citizen. Somehow, they always miss the fact that their country is in decline and the leaders are unwilling and unable to fix the problems. Average citizens - unlike the elitists - don't have the luxury of sidestepping crime in the streets, stagnant wages, failing schools, and rising debt. Hirsch is wrong. I am an average Jewish guy from the U.S. Someone please explain to me why my Constitutionally guaranteed vote still has meaning and relevance when I know that at least 1000 people, who I don't know and with whom I don't share values, illegally enter this country every day. Please explain why our government leaders have performed so poorly securing our borders. I am not racist, sexist, or xenophobic. Those charges - which I hear every day - are a red herring.
    Like the majority of people in the U.K. who had reached the tipping point and voted to reassert control of their country, many Americans are deeply troubled by the feckless nature of our leaders. That is not fear or hatred. That is smart, common sense. Our national debt has doubled in 8 years. Healthcare costs are much higher. The middle class has shrunk. Education is suspect. Race relations have worsened. If this is not a moment in history to change leadership, to fix obvious problems - then when.

  • Reply to: Anti-Semitic Violence In New York Skyrockets In 2015   3 days 5 hours ago

    44 assaults in a city of eight million people. That's 0.00055% While there should be none, that low number doesn't warrant a blaring headline.

  • Reply to: Israeli Chief Rabbinate Rejects Conversion Performed By NY's Haskel Lookstein   3 days 8 hours ago

    The decision of the Rabbinate in Israel to reject the conversion of two gentiles to judaism as performed by Rabbi Haskell Lookstein is shameful. It is based on the fact that the Rabbinate in Israel did not share in the conversion fees. Greed is at root of the evil attitude.