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    It never seems that the Israeli government learns anything with these conflicts. Ever since Lebanon in the 80s--they go into a foreign area with limited goals but then the scope expands and/or the goals are more daunting than originally thought, and then the number of Israeli casualties really goes up. The end result will unfortunately be the same--not realistic to expect all tunnels to be destroyed, and before it's over unfortunately there will be many, many more needless deaths of chayalim. May God be with them.

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    it is no surprise that the minute israel starts to make progress against arab rockets and missiles the rest of the world wants israel to agree to a cease-fire. where were these same people/countries when thousands of rockets were dropping on israel? they had nothing to say then.

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    Anyone supporting the enemies of Israel is "proportionally" evil, just like the enemy.

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    Micheal, your statements are just not true. That's sad. This following thought is true and it doesn't get enough attention. Hamas has invested millions and millions of scarce resources which their people desperately need on an absurdly elaborate network of tunnels. No one in Israel knows the full extant of the Hamas insanity, but suffice it to say that these are some very sick dudes. These underground passages have only one purpose. They are to be used as a diabolical weapon against Israel. How else do you explain the enormous dig of miles of passages under the sand? The meaning of these tunnels is clear. Hamas is a ferocious, inconsolable enemy of the Jewish state, and should be crushed.

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    I filed a claim with Project Heart and have a claim number.
    Who may I contact to find out if I can still expect a settlement
    Werner Hess