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  • Reply to: Trump Vs. Clinton: Battle Of The Jewish Sons-In-Law   6 hours 22 min ago

    What is the problem if both of family have their new Jewish relatives? Jewish's husband are not "too bad" ,and (I was invited few times for Sabbath) that were so interesting,so sophisticated,so beautiful as the professional Shows!Jewish is the oldest religion,and why not to be attracted to it?Actually,the Jewish (as I know them) never ever tried to make someone to convert,or never ever even suggested to kill anyone as some others religions do. Green light for Jewish in White-house!They are smart,hardworking,and helpful to make America prosper,safer,and proud!

  • Reply to: Sanders: Israel Has A Right To US Protection   21 hours 49 min ago

    'Israel has a right to be protected by the United States, Bernie Sanders, a candidate in the primaries of the Democratic Party, said.'

    Sanders' statement is completely and utterly misguided. 1) The US will NEVER, and should NEVER commit US soldiers to defend the Jewish state. No country in the world will send their citizens to fight and die for Jews. Period. 2) Israel NEVER asked the US 'to protect' them nor would Israel want the US 'to protect' them.
    Language is important. Military aid in the form of weapons, ammunition, and intelligence is welcomed by Israel, but that is a far cry from US 'protection'.

  • Reply to: Democratic Party Platform On Israel: Problem Or Opportunity?   1 day 7 hours ago

    I summon Bernie Sanders to a Din Torah, a Rabbinical court. The crux of the complaint is that Sanders is a Jew and he is creating a dangerous situation for you and your family both here and around the world by undermining the safety of Jews everywhere, promoting the enemies of the Jewish people. I name him as a defendant who should cease and desist endangering his people in particular and in general. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG. RABBI FOR TRUMP

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    If I had the power I would excommunicate Sanders and his pathetic liberal Jewish followers including Rabbis who intentionally want to hurt the State of Israel. Forget about political correctness, most of my family was murdered by the NAZIS, now we have self-hating Jews who wish to support the Palestinians who daily murder Israeli Jews. Rabbi DR. Bernhard Rosenberg

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    'Elhaik has ruffled academic feathers before by challenging the accepted notion that Jews originated in the Middle East. In 2013, he published another poorly received study in the journal Genome Biology and Evolution that supported the theory that the Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars — an extinct multi-ethnic kingdom of Iranians, Turks, Slavs and Circassians — who converted en masse in the eighth century.'
    I am an Ashkenazi Jew. If I had any ancestral relationship with the Khazars at all, I am pretty sure my parents and grandparents would have known something about it and mentioned it to me. How come I never heard of the word Khazar and no one in my family ever talked about Iran or Turkey?