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    Do not be intimidated by the Leftist Libtard loudmouths. If you think that Trump is the best candidate for the President of America, then vote for him.

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    I can't understand how any Jew can vote for a party who's leader has been so anti Israel.This phony Iran nuclear deal jeopardizes the survival of Israel and Obama's and Clinton's mideast policies have not been good for Israel.Of course Trump will be better for Israel as he can't possibly be worse than Obama and Clinton.Values?? Are Jews supposed to align their values with someone who has taken millions from Arab countries for a phony foundation.This Rabbi caved in to the far left ,who needs to look in the mirror if they seriously consider voting for a low life liar like Hillary Clinton.

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    I still remember Hillary hugging Mrs Arafat after she accused Jews of poisoning Palestinian children. Refusing to stand up to blood libel is outrageous. And then she had 3 different and contradictory "excuses"

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    Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren,” a reference to the dispute over the Massachusetts senator’s Native American background.

    There is no dispute — she doesn't have one. There is no Native American anywhere in her known ancestry. She made the whole thing up to advance her career, and has fully earned the nickname Fauxcahontas.

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    This is looking more and more like the 1910s and 20s when people were desperate for change and hope. Then, along came Hitler who promised both. Neither of these candidates are good. Actually, both of these candidates suck. However, if you vote for Trump you are allowing for the potential immersion of a totalitarian government or dictatorship in motion. Think it can't happen here? Think again. We are very vulnerable right now and as Jews we cannot ignore history. We cannot repeat history. We will perish just as the millions perished in the holocaust! Please do not let that happen. We need change, yes. We need improvements, yes. But it cannot be at the hands of a dictator who is taking advantage of opportunity as Hitler, Stalin & others have done!