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    Great for you! The wisdom of the Talmud is so relevant to today's living. "As much as things change, they remain the same." Love, scholarship, humility, kindness, and hope, are all themes that are delved into without restraint. Additionally, the fundamentals of Judaism are explored and explained. Most often people get disenchanted when they try reading the text without prior knowledge of style and cross referencing. I have been giving a ten minute Daf Yomi highlights class for a few years, and have found it a most gratifying way to connect with Jews of all backgrounds. These ten minute classes are archived at . It is a wordpress site, so feel free to leave your comments after you listen.

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    Since (one hopes) Jewish groups stand for Jewish ethics, let's hope that some Jewish organizations do break the warmongers' stranglehold and begin to show solidarity with the victims of Israeli violence.

    For anyone who chooses to know, the reality is painfully obvious. Even setting aside the fact that the assault on Palestinians began before any rocket fire from Hamas -- Israeli stepped up deadly violence against Palestinian officials and children alike as soon as Hamas joined a unity government with the PA, agreeing to accept Israel's existence and to renounce violence -- there would still be no justification for Israel's slaughter of hundreds of civilians and deliberate destruction of homes, schools, mosques and vital civilian infrastructure. We know that Jewish groups would immediately denounce such violence if it were aimed at Jews; what excuse is there for condoning it against others that isn't patently cynical or racist?

    For the record, Jewish Voice for Peace has expressed solidarity with all victims of the current violence, the overwhelming majority of whom, of course, are Palestinian civilians. Yet JVP isn't mentioned in the article above. Do you have to pander to the Israeli government to count as a "Jewish organization"?

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    If you claim to be a Zionist then how come you are still perpetuating the notion of the occupation. For land to be occupied it had to belong to a people.You forget the history of Judea and Samaria as the ancient homeland of the Jewish people. Archeology proves this as it also proves a Moslem presence in the same area.Only the Moslem presence came much later then the Jewish presence as did the Christian presence in that area.

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    This is nauseating.

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    It takes tremendous strength and resolve to face this kind of challenge. The fact that your family is able to do so, shows how special each one of you must be. May Hashem continue to protect each one of you individually, so that together, you may all celebrate joyous times in peace.