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  • Reply to: Painting The Seder Table   17 hours 18 min ago

    Just want to let you know that my grandmother's name (Nicole's great grandmother) was Esther Hammerman, not Harriman, which is definitely a more Anglicized version.
    Please correct this!

  • Reply to: After Midwood Fire Tragedy, Stocking Up and Taking Stock   18 hours 38 min ago

    I think people really ought to look into alternative ways to keep food warm on Shabbat. Large food thermos? I use a large 24 hour water thermos and it keeps the water boiling hot for 24 hours. No need for electricity.

  • Reply to: Museum To Tell Overlooked Shoah Story   18 hours 55 min ago

    I thought that the first question was perfectly appropriate and that the response was weak. The Nazis did not ask if a Jew was Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed, or secular before shoving him/her in the ovens. Why separate the experience of orthodox Jews in a haredi museum? A far better memorial to the orthodox victims of the Holocaust would have been to take all the money spent on this museum and use it to help needy families pay the tuition for Yeshiva day school.

  • Reply to: YU Faculty Votes 'No Confidence' In President Joel   19 hours 4 min ago

    Agreed 100%. Richard Joel (with his nearly $1,000,000 salary and free housing in a mansion) and the current Board of Trustees have brought my alma mater to financial ruin. No one, no individual, no organization, no state agency, should give one dime to YU until the people who have brought on this debacle have either resigned (I am not holding my breath), or been fired. Fool me once, shame on you. Full all of us multiple times, shame on you and time to say good bye.

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    First OJ, then Jeffrey Epstein (a convicted child molester and then (Lebovitz) a fat grown man preying an neighborhood boys and then ruining a good father's life. it seems Mr. Dershowitz has a penchant for defending guilty scumbags. Soon he will pay the price. Alan will die a broken man.