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  • Reply to: Israel’s Holocaust Restitution Arm Weak   15 hours 18 min ago

    I Am a 81 -year survivor.Many thanks for Mrs. Verhovsjaja the Registrations number.

    Please your information about what time will be the Compensation from HEART PROJECT.Please write me in which newspaper, in wich articel or institution can I
    the NEWS about the actuelle situation of Heart Projekt process.
    Many thanks:
    Mr. Agoston Pal, survivor.

  • Reply to: Post Bar Mitzvah, Communal Role Grows For Boy With Disability   18 hours 21 min ago

    Beautiful story.....your son is a special young man as you know.
    I'm sure you are proud of him as you should be.

  • Reply to: The Sounds Of Lubavitch   18 hours 48 min ago

    The Rebbe never said he was moshiach, and no -one said it to his face.
    The horrific anti-semitism after the accident, without any words from the young boy’s parents to stop the rioting, is the answer to why the Rebbe did not “sympathize”.
    I think the parents realized it was a tragic accident, as did everyone.

  • Reply to: Post Bar Mitzvah, Communal Role Grows For Boy With Disability   21 hours 15 min ago

    lovely, lovely piece about what sounds like a terrific family!

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    "After the destruction of the Temple, the Rabbis, fearing that the law would be forgotten as sages were killed and people scattered, began the long process of committing our oral tradition to writing." Why do religious leaders, name your favorite religion, always promote the idea that nobody thought enough of the theology or history to write it down? I am baffled. What is the point of promoting such a belief? Buddhism is the worst. Christian ivy league follow close behind. But I had thought Judaism immune to this particular bit of nonsense. Until today.