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    CNN and is the most unproffesional and ridiculous news channel in the world.
    Even 'Al-Jazeera' is more authentic then those guys.
    So im realy not surprised for those 'mistakes' in their coverage.

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    It is difficult to get overly concerned about Israel when many of its own Jewish citizens refuse to do military service, have no qualms about getting government welfare, have more children than they can afford and aren't interested in having their children acquire useful job skills (i.e. a good secular education). Unless the Haredim mend there ways, Israel won't be around to celebrate its centennial, at least not as a substantially Jewish state.

    Israel needs more armed security guards and metal detectors and fewer torah scholars leaching off the government. This week's killings ought to be a wake up call for its political class. But I am afraid it will be political horsetrading as usual. The country has too many political parties and may eventually go the way of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

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    here is a woman who is trying to use this bais din :

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    I have enthusiastically and delightfully been following your escapades with your military family.
    Raised in NY's 'Borscht Belt', I became a Navy spouse ('73) and lived in 3 countries--U.S., Japan, Republic of the Philippines--calling ALL of them 'home'.
    Thus, I am very 'rich' in global, historical, international politics/education systems, cultural and business experiences that no university (degreed) education can match.
    I 'love' your stories. Keep 'em coming. ;0)

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    Half of your solutions are halachic mistakes. The other half are distortions.
    Kidushin al tenai does not practically work after nisuin as all Halachic decisors have ruled in the last 200 years.
    Get al tenai is disqualified if the couple are alone together after the writing of the get.
    No religious court can place exaggerated amounts of child support on a husband, and if they do, the get would be a 'forced get' and disqualified.
    The Rambam is not, and has almost never historically been, the accepted halacha regarding mo'us alay. The Rosh and thereafter the Shulchan Aruch have clearly not allowed forcing a husband who is 'disgusting' to his wife to be forced to give a get.
    Hafka'at Kidushin is a serious mistake. The Rabbis who are a party to a marriage are not anyone with ordination. It refers to the Rabbis of the Talmud, who did not annul a marriage just because the husband refused to give a get.
    Civil sanctions are another disqualifying form of coercion.
    Civil disobedience by other women punishing their husbands because of something done by someone of their gender is repulsive and forbidden by halacha. A woman who refuses to go to Mikva to punish her husband is committing a serious sin and the Beis Yosef quotes a Midrash about the dark punishment awaiting such a woman. What did her husband do so bad that she refuses to keep her marital obligations? Because he was born with the same appendages as someone who is doing something wrong? This is absolutely disgusting and telling of an organization that claims to want to assist 'chained women' but really just wants to create a fight between the sexes and to push one side. Disgusting.