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    How could the Talmudic rabbis have reasoned tht the Jews were proselytes (Heaven forbid) to the Egyptians in the land of Egypt?

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    In the episodes of these two moms mentioned in this article, what is so clear is that mothers with major emotional issues that need to be worked through with a therapist are guiding their parenting by the emotional issues rather than by the good advice of experts. Both women are extremely narcissistic, seeing themselves as knowing more than all those around them who would warn them of the danger of their style of parenting.

    Shira Adler has a problem with viewing her son's problems to be worked on as instead due to his being superior, so he is not learning proper behavioral expectations that will make him someone who others will want to friend and later others will want to employ. I'm sure he is a wonderful child, but instead of trying medication and behavior management because of her own biases, she is spraying absolute worthless liquid around him. What is worse is that she completely ignores poor Emma who is seen feeling so neglected and who can't help but see how her mom favors her brother. That is a horrible way to help her feel good about herself and to foster future adult sibling relationships which are so important.

    Marisa Eisenberg is shown crying to her brother about what they "missed out" on because of her parents' divorce, as if being raised in a divorced family is an excuse to torture your own child. Not allowing your 4 year old to eat breakfast until her writes his name perfectly is a form of abuse, even if not reportable. If she thinks she has regrets about her childhood, wait until her son grows up and she finds out what he remembers about his own childhood. She is going to raise a child who has unreasonable expectations of himself because no one can be the winner in everything and when he doesn't win a class election or a spelling bee or fails a test, she is raising him to be unable to cope both for how he knows his mother will react and what it will do to his own unrealistic image of himself that she has created. I raised my kids with a completely different motto than she does: "I don't care how well you do in school or how well you do in sports, if you are not nice to others, nothing matters." That is what Judaism teaches, not to succeed at all costs, even if it involves nastiness, lying, etc.... (She threatened the swim teacher who didn't want to push her son who is only 4 that she would switch him to a different teacher, and she would enroll him as being 5!) I am an Ivy League graduate, but I am not pushing my own children that they have to go to one. Both my kids are top students and have different interests and talents that they themselves have chosen to develop and so I nurture them, but I have read of too many college kids who jump off buildings from a fear of failure or letting their parents back home that they are having trouble This is what is important to avoid, not the fact that her child might be less than the best in every area.

    The problem in both cases is that both women are so narcissistic that they can't take in any other opinions. At least Marisa's spouse tries to temper her poor parenting choices, although not at all as much as he should if he wants to avoid his son having major social/emotional problems as he enters school. Shira Adler seems so narcissistic that she believes that the world is all wrong and only she sees things the right way, so she discounts any and all recommendations about her children by true experts who have a full and unbiased view of her parenting. As I am concluding this comment, I just researched "indigo children" since I am in the field of education for decades and have never seen it mentioned in ANY professional materials. How appropriate that it is labeled a "pseudoscience" by parents who grab onto this to cover up their own narcissism and poor parenting. Sadly, I don't think Ms. Adler will realize until her children are adults, if even then, how destructive her parenting choices have been. If anything, maybe she can take in from my comments that her need to believe her son is an "indigo kid", which is term that is not accepted in the field of education or psychology, has caused her to anoint him as her prince and to ignore her daughter who appears in this episode to be starving for recognition and attention from her mother, but then again sadly doubt she is even capable of acknowledging this.

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    Thank you for the informative article. The laissez-faire policy of the U.S., E.U., and UN to radical Islam/terrorism is the reason ISIS and Al Qaeda have grown large enough to seriously threaten us all. As the leader of the world, it is not unfair to say US policies are to blame. You can throw the E. U. into the incompetent pot as well. The West always, consistently chastised Israel for defending herself against terrorism. Rarely was a meaningful word said against Islamic brutality. Today, the arrogant, moralistic governments of the US and Europe are witnessing the ugly harvest of their anti-Israel policies. The West is running scared because they are morally blind. When they open their eyes, they will look to Israel for leadership.

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    It is really offensive, really anti-semitic of some posters to 'The Jewish Week' to argue that Israel oppresses Palestinians. I just read a true news story that 3 Arab-Israeli members of the Knesset attended a Hamas victory rally. Are you kidding? Imagine if 3 members of the US Congress attended an ISIS victory rally or a Russia victory rally. I can't even fathom what the public response would be, but I guarantee it would not be tolerant of the Congressmen. Yet I will also guarantee you that these 3 Arab-Israelis will NOT be put on trial for treason, and will more than likely be returned to office by their political constituents. Folks, Israel does NOT oppress Arabs - not even close. Please take your head out of the place where the sun doesn't shine.

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    just wondering how this applies to artificial creations that are not completely robots, but are made out of flesh and can interact with humans, in a similar way, such as those that appeared in "Bladerunner"