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    Not jewish according to Jewish law. His mother converted and he was baptized. He lit a candle in a church during the show.

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    Dear Shmuley
    I think that you believe that Hamas is a terrorist organisation.OK, but you have to know that the majority of Hamas are military IDF, and the 99% of the victims in Gaza strip are children and women, why are you talking about Palestinian like if they have no right on this world, ''you have to wish for theme what you want for yourself'', imagine if five hundred Israeli children have been killed!!! I hope that you would not fair Hamas , nor other .And I see that Israel provoke Palestine, it builds settlements, and then , if Palestine has any reaction, it justifies a nes settlements !!! why are you doing thisss, jews, or the real jews that had understood the message of god, learn they book, don't just take it on their hands.

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    I believe that there's an old expression..."in the fog of war, the first three reports are wrong" about waiting more then a day to make such an overblown statement.

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    The Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids would like to do an Israeli wine tasting. Any recommendation for a speaker on this subject would be appreciate.

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    Says a pacifist friend of mine whose long-standing support of Israel is waning as this Gaza slaughter continues: "Shameful. The persecuted have become the persecutors. The ghettos are now occupied by Palestinians, who bear the yellow star. They are at the mercy of the "blitzkrieg" commandeered by goose stepping Israeli storm troopers. Mans inhumanity to man is not limited to the holocaust that was the hallmark of the Nazis, but lives on in this one. The lessons of history are quickly forgotten."