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  • Reply to: Dear Ivanka   1 day 15 hours ago

    You so eloquently voiced the opinion of many of us! Thank you

  • Reply to: Shift Within ADL   1 day 20 hours ago

    Very well said. It almost looks like President Obama and his politically correct culture has been planted into this organization for political purposes.

  • Reply to: Over 600 Rabbis, Cantors Sign Pledge To Hold Trump Administration Accountable For Human Rights   1 day 21 hours ago

    Dear Rabbis,
    We believe in God. We believe in the Torah. We believe that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. You should stand up for what you believe and for your rights, but we do not believe in the religion of human right. Not all of us are equal, and not all of us deserve protection of the law. Criminal people, illegal immigrants, Muslim enemies - do not deserve rights. The good people deserve safety, the bad people deserve to leave the country.

    Be Jewish and protect your Jewish faith. Do not protect criminals in the name of Jewish morals.

  • Reply to: Dear Kadosh Baruch Hu,   2 days 1 hour ago

    Between the Shoah, the atomic bomb and now Trump it seems God has turned his face from us , I would have to agree. He has given up on this experiment!

  • Reply to: Dear Rabbis and Jewish Leaders   2 days 2 hours ago

    Thank you,
    Voted Trump/Pence the most supportive of the Jewish people and Israel, (met Pence in 2008 very honest man)
    I remember Hillary since 1992, and never trusted her, she would sell America to anyone for the best offer..
    Reading her Thesis on her idol Saul Alinsky, she emulates him