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    The main purpose of Chabad is not the create other Chabadniks. That would go against the central tenent which is to love every Jew regardless of their observance. If you ask them a question relating to Halacha and minhag, then yes you're going to receive an answer based on what they believe and do. Again, it's not about creating more Chabadniks (especially on campus), it's about allowing Jews to observe mitzvahs. You may have felt like the Chabad couple you were around wanted to make you Lubavitch, but that is far from their mission and having grown up at a Chabad and then going to one in college, and meeting numerous Shluchim, that is not their main purpose.

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    A remarkable description of an off-the-record event. What would the Jewish Week have published if it were on the record?

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    Would like to get updates and info . Very excited to learn about this

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    It is not a stretch of the imagination to assume the majority of these theater goers were liberal Democrats. I just adore their 'Palestinian chic'. They should definitely invite Palestinians to settle in their neighborhood. That would be healing the world one Palestinian at a time.

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    Hi Nina,
    Evan just sent me the article. Zach has been having a marvelous experience at Triform Village in Hudson, NY. I absolutely recommend that you call them and get Noah an interview. Triform has transformed Zach's life and our lives as parents...and only for the good. The biggest godsend in our lives.