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  • Reply to: Jewish Bachelorette Chooses Perfect Match   6 hours 29 min ago

    I think that they're both about as Jewish as a Christmas tree. Seem like nice kids and a good match, though.

  • Reply to: Plugging Our Ears Does Not Serve Israel   6 hours 31 min ago

    Israel has the right to exist, but its statehood is a relatively recent fabrication, hewn out of sand and the blood of Arabs, Jews and Brits.

    thats not anti-semeiic...its just what happened. nothing lasts...nothing. israel and all the middle east will fade from the earth someday. so will islam disappear. so will judaism. so will human beings.

    in the meantime, be honest about ones history.

  • Reply to: How J Street Shows Solidarity With Israel   7 hours 19 min ago

    I read this article and was so disgusted that I was speechless. Thank you for your comment...I couldn't agree more.

  • Reply to: Amid Tunnel Threat, Ideas For End Emerge   7 hours 44 min ago

    The problem with having "Abbas rule Gaza" is that the people there don't seem to like him. People forget that the population of Gaza VOTED for Hamas. Even in the West Bank, it's been very, very long since Abbas ran for re-election. Weren't the elections there called off, more then once, due to the fact that Abbas thought he wouldn't win? The West may like him, but he has little support among "his people."

  • Reply to: Major Rally For Israel At UN Urges Hamas Defeat   8 hours 26 min ago

    I am sure the attendees was over 15,000 as confirmed by the NY POLICE. It was positively PEACEFUL , orderly and 100% supportive of ISRAEL'S CONTINUED ACTIONS TO STOP HAMAS ROCKETS AND TERRORIST TUNNELS AGGRESSION.