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    So the total price of American lawmakers 20 million.So cheap.AIPAC is so lucky.They can't buy law makers of even Burundi for this price

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    Read Alan levin comment; I couldn't have said it better.....

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    Some comments: 1) The quote that you cherry-picked from Monica Crowley was particularly bombastic. In my opinion it was not representative of the overall tone of almost all of the speakers. That being said, people tend to expect for speeches at rallies to be lively stemwinders, not placid, bland and monotonous, especially since the rally lasted for a full three hours. As far as the rally being "partisan," only a few of the rally's many many speakers fit that bill. My second comment: "The crowd of appearance, largely Orthodox..." I was there and there were very few Orthodox people near me. There's a lot of photos of the event posted on the internet, and the crowd does not look "largely Orthodox." Maybe you were standing or walking in an area that was "largely Orthodox." I'm sorry to see that you were so "disappointed" by the rally. Perhaps if some of the large Jewish organizations had decided to step up to the plate, they would have organized a rally that would have been more to your liking. However, they did not step up, and an ad hoc group of mostly small and little known organizations did their best to fill the cavernous void. Considering how limited their resources were, I think they did a pretty good job throwing this thing together.

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    We ought to give the Iran Nuclear Agreement a chance to work, because, let's face it, few Americans are willing to make the sacrifices that another war would entail. If Congress scuttles the agreement, the US will have very few allies to help it fight a war against Iran or even to support an extension of the current embargo against that country.

    We tried to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the cheap and with an insufficient number of troops. All we succeeded in doing was to destabilize the entire area. Our intervention was not good for the US or for Israel. Politically and financially we are a weaker power than we were when Bill Clinton left office and we have succeeded in emboldening Iran and other unfriendly elements in the region.

    If the experts are so pessimistic about the Iran Nuclear Agreement that they think that war with Iran is inevitable, then we ought to start preparing for it now and to raise taxes to pay for the related costs. I don't recall the Republican Jewish Coalition calling for a tax increase in 2003 to pay for the Iraq war, nor will they in 2015. If war is inevitable, it cannot be business as usual in Israel either. It's time for the Haredim to get out of the wagon and help push if they want their country to survive on a long term basis. Under current Israeli laws and demographic trends, Israel is heading for failed state status as the rapidly growing Haredi population imposes greater and greater financial burdens on the state and refuses to help defend it.

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    If 10 foreign policy experts would have been asked 7 years ago, which countries would emerge as significant US allies, and which enemies, I don't think anyone would have predicted the current alignments. As a result of the nuclear deal with Iran, the US and Iran are now partners! We are aligned with the Shia in Iran, Iraq and Syria combatting ISIS. We have also partnered with Turkey, using their Incerlik airbase, to fly missions against ISIS. Turkey is taking advantage of the partnership with the US to bomb Kurdish towns in Syria where lots of Kurds are being killed. I am sure the Kurds are unhappy with the US arrangement because the Kurds are US allies. They have given the US much more support than has Turkey. Assad in Syria seems to have won our hearts, too. Iran and Hezbollah are free to give Syria all the help they need to fight Sunnis without US interference. Israel used to be our BFF, but that relationship is no longer what it used to be. If there is an expert out there who can figure out who are our friends, and who are our enemies, he/she should win a prize.