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  • Reply to: The Art Of The Yiddish Trio   5 hours 33 min ago

    Benjy Fox-Rosen has a Yiddish soul comparable to someone like Sholem Aleichem. It's hard to believe how young he is when you hear him sing and play. The Yiddish Art Trio is truly amazing!

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    This is all about bad people doing bad things. Harvard is a shameful, over-rated house of mis-education. Sodastream has closed their West Bank factory. They no longer are there. They make soda, for G-d's sake. Everyone at Harvard, involved in this despicable affair, is sick and ignorant. They waste the time of smart people who have to respond to their idiocy.

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    "Potential of the machines to offend". Have Harvard come to this? And where are the protests not just by Jewish students and faculty, but by all those offended that a product that is legally made and that employs Palestinians who are paid equal wages as Jewish workers, that product is banned from the university. Looking forward to having the removal rescinded once SodaStream is manufactured outside the West Bank by an all Jewish workforce.

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    Thank you for this. I came across this site because I had a dream about my recently departed Aunt who told me about this prayer in my dream. We are not Jewish, and I didn't know of this prayer, but the message seems very clear. Thank yo so much.

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    I still want to know, Is quidish related to Kiddush? and quidich cup-kiddush cup