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  • Reply to: Need Anti-BDS Website   21 hours 6 min ago

    I would like to add that not only should there be a anti-BDS website that gives Israel's story but it should be designed to show industry the benefits of partnering with the creative Israeli mind.

  • Reply to: Kosher BBQ Fires Up In Crown Heights   23 hours 58 min ago

    Mazal tov, y'all! Southern Jews have been enjoying "smokehouse" BBQ since before the Civil War, maybe even before the Revolution, in Charleston. It's the finest ambassador for the cuisine of the American South. So many times when I lived in NYC, I WISHED for some real BBQ. And now that I live elsewhere, my wish has come true! May y'all go from strength to strength! Maybe franchise? Open one up in Australia, near me? Enjoy it, it's truly a gift.

  • Reply to: Rabbi Is Staying; Who Will Go?   1 day 4 hours ago

    I thought Kurtzer said that his "involvement was done"? Contrary to what he posted on his Facebook, maybe he really does have a horse in the race re what happens to the RJC? “the consequences of this hubris [on the part of the rabbi] is that the victims here are even less likely than before to speak up.” That seems like a safe escape move for him to pull, now that truth is emerging post hysteria.

  • Reply to: Searching For Young Jewish Talent   1 day 5 hours ago

    There is almost an issue with age discrimination here. It's good that Mimi Kravetz did not use "young" in her response to the last question, as Hillel should have the best staff appropriate to the school populations it serves, regardless of age.

  • Reply to: The Rise And Fall Of JONAH   1 day 6 hours ago

    Don't you think that the word "outrageous" should rather be used to describe secular society's adulation of all things homosexual, rather than the genuine efforts of a few brave individuals to help some Jewish males overcome their homosexual "addiction"? Jewish people know what the Holy Torah says: That homosexuality is a choice, a very wrong choice that can be overcome with a lot of determination, if the person tries sincerely.