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    Mithal al Alusi is a good friend of mine. One the bravest man i ever met. He would be a perfect choice for any cabinet post in Iraq and is destined for greatness, assuming the terrorists dont get to him first,G-d forbid. Not for lack of trying as he has survived countless attacks on his life because of his constant and loud pronouncements on how he wants peace with Israel.. Mithal is the epitome of a true liberal. a Moderate liberal Sunni, though he calls himself an Iraqi, he wants unity with Shiites and Kurds etc so together the can all fight the terrorists that plague his country. He has sound the alarm for years about how Iran is taking over Iraq and has told me horrific stories about other terror groups taking hold in Iraq. He tried to get the US govt to listen but they refused. Hopefully this time someone here will listen to him.

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    I am not Jewish but I am a Christian. I have served my country Australia over 22 years, 15 being in the Navy and 7 being in the Federal Police. I will always stand with Israel and your ADF members

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    This is the first step in American Jews understanding that when ONE Jewish Life
    is at RISK we are all in DANGER of annihilation. Life is not a TEST for something
    ELSE we are our Brother/Sisters KEEPER

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    I am ashamed of Israel-since it's beginning when it took over the land of Palestine by killing. I no longer view the Jews of Israel and it's American supporters as moral people. Support for Israel is like sports, "It's our team-we support them." The morality of fans at a game. Point fingers,ignore 2000 lives lost vs less than a hundred in Israel. Shame on this group thinking. SHAME.

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    Reminded of Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt's description of Poggio's numinous handwriting in THE SWERVE: How the World Became Modern.