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    One element of the friction between us in Israel and American Jews that was not mentioned in this column is the impression we Israelis have that end the end of the day support for the Democratic Party seems to take priority over all else for many. Is what is seen from Israel as a compulsion to support the Democratic Party leadership only a matter of ideology and tradition or is it driven by something beyond that? When American Jews walk the walk, talk the talk and write the check so that visitors to their offices and homes can see photos of them with the democratic president of the United States gracing the wall is it just ideology and ego - or does it also serve business interests? American Jews had a fantastic time flying in with the president and other high American officials for various photo ops during the glory days of Oslo. We paid the price. We live the reality - not the fantasy. It is a reality that we have come to grips with and for the most part we flourish in it. It would be wonderful if there was indeed such a thing as a viable two independent state solution but there is no such a thing. We can try to make you feel good by saying that we would like a viable two state solution if you insist that we talk the talk. But don't expect us to base our day to day policies on the assumption that pigs can fly.

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    When Israeli spokespeople say the " Israelis have far more pressing problems than women’s rights to pray at the Western Wall." or the frequent excuse that the mistreatment of American Jewish women and Conservative Rabbis in Israel is an American problem, I see red. Till now I've been able to recover but I don't know how much longer I can. When Israelis once again brush off the concerns of Conservative and Reform Jews I paraphrase the famous statement "you Israelis never miss and opportunity to miss an opportunity" to show that we indeed all are Jews. I for one am enraged by the ongoing blindness of Israelis towards the aspirations of many, indeed most committed American Jews, and this in the so called Jewish homeland. I visited Israel several times as did my children, I was proud of Netanyahus visit, pay dues to Aipac, quit J Street BUT -- I don't know how much longer I can sustain my bifurcated view of Israel. If Israel can mistreat us fellow Jews as it does, how much more so is it mistreating Palestinians? So far I've been able to keep this question slightly below my conscious perception of Israel, but can't go on much longer nor do know I how long I can go on defending Israeli policies against the rising tide of criticism as I am losing faith in Israel ---- and if this is how someone as pro Israel as I have been can feel --- I dread thinking about those starting from no commitment to Israel. ISRAEL -- WAKE UP!

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    I apologize but I still feel strongly that it is a Chilul LaShem when we
    [DIPLOMATICALLY] allow Obama's false vows of friendship with Israel to go unchallenged. The EASILY demonstrable truth is that President Obama has been betraying Israel, its leaders, world Jewry and our American ideals for much of his two terms in office -notwithstanding his constant MANTRA that he is personally behind Israel and will lead America to remain behind Israel in its war -WHICH HE HAS REFUSED TO HONESTLY EXPLAIN, CHARACTERIZE, AND DESCRIBE LEST HE UPSET AND ANGER THE NEO-NAZI JIHADIST MUSLIM NATIONS WHO HAVE WAGED TERRORIST, MILITARY, AND PROPAGANDA WARS [JIHADS] TO "OBLITERATE ISRAEL AND ITS JEWS"[from the Koran and Hamas Charter]for 67 years. In his famous Cairo speech just after he took office, he stated the most important Truth about the fundamental obstacle to peace between Israel and all its enemies,namely "THERE has been no real TRUTH, and without real TRUTH, there can be no REAL PEACE". Unwittingly, he has been betraying that Truth since the speech based largely on the Deluded dream that the religious civilizations that have been brainwashed for centuries into believing that Allah demands the genocide of Israel and its Jews will be diplomatically persuaded to abandon that fundamental mandate,

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    Cute article. For long time followers of Maccabi and European basketball there is a sense of pride in Blatt's accomplishments. But it's not just the Israeli angle-

    It's the fact that an outsider to American basketball, a coach from Europe, gets a center stage in the NBA. There are also some excellent Euroleague former coaches in the NBA working as assistants today- Nevan Spahia in Atlanta (another former Maccabi coach), Aturo Messina in the Spurs.

    Maybe the tide is changing and the NBA is finally realizing that there is basketball life east of the Atlantic- not only players, but coaches and basketball minds as well..

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    What about people like my mother? She was born in Germany, but of Polish-born parents, so Germany refuses to give her a pension because she is "not German". Doesn't sound like she qualifies for the Polish pension either. So once again she is "staatlos". And she lives in England. Which other organizations are "loaning out" their addresses for non-American applicants?